Academic Director, Kenya and Uganda




Who We Are

Roughly 2.7 billion people live on less than $2/day. In their communities, there is a huge gap between the education offered and the needs of the population. Too often the schools available to them fail. The quality offered is poor, teachers are unresponsive and occasionally abusive, and fees are expensive. Even “free” government schools can cost anywhere between $2 and $12 per month after all of the additional fees (some sanctioned, some not) are added up. 55% of families end up choosing private schools instead, but then fear for the stability and sustainability of their choice as many schools close after only a few years of service. Both the government schools and the private schools tend to lack well-conceived curriculum, student achievement data, and the capacity to react to that data.

Families are actively searching for a better academic alternative.

Bridge International Academies is the world’s largest and fastest-growing chain of primary and pre-primary schools with more than 400 academies and 120,000 pupils in Kenya and Uganda. We democratize the right to succeed by giving families living in poverty access to the high-quality education that will allow their children to live a very different life. We leverage experts, data, and technology in order to standardize and scale every aspect of quality education delivery, from how and where academies are built to how teachers are selected and trained, and how lessons are delivered and monitored for improvement. We are vertically-integrated, tech-enabled, and on our way to profitability. Bridge expects to continue rapid expansion in East Africa, has launched operations in Nigeria and will be launching operations in India this year.

Academic Director, Kenya and Uganda


We are seeking an Academic Director to oversee all aspects of the academic program in Kenya and Uganda, where we will continue our expansion in 2016. The Academic Director will be ultimately responsible for educational outcomes across Bridge International Academies in Kenya and Uganda.

Responsibilities of the Academic Director, Kenya and Uganda, include:

Representing Bridge with key national stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education and other government education officials.

Work with Boston-based Academics Team to roll-out new curriculum and introduce programmatic innovations.

Oversee recruitment and training for teachers and Academy Managers.

The Academic Director, Kenya and Uganda, will report to the Expansion Director, Uganda and the Chief Academic Officer.


The Academic Director, Kenya and Uganda, must be a data-driven individual with experience developing and managing cultures of high performance and high expectations. You must be a great academic leader who understands exceptional instruction and can motivate and support others in realizing a vision of academic excellence.

In addition, the Academic Director, Kenya and Uganda, must:

Be a self-starter and problem-solver, who thinks three and four steps ahead.

Be hard working and collaborative, with the tenacity to plow through challenges and an appreciation for teamwork toward achieving a shared vision.

Be both detailed and results-oriented, driven by the data that will allow us to know what is working and what isn’t working for kids.

Be humble, seeking out feedback, internalizing it, and using it to get better.

The Academic Director, Kenya and Uganda will initially be based in Nairobi, Kenya with frequent travel to Uganda.