AECOM Job Vacancy in Kenya: Procurement Officer


Job Summary AECOM is implementing the Somalia Tis+ Project to promote good governance and community cohesion. USAID/EA’s Somalia Office anticipates that the need for quick impact stabilization activities will continue given the fragile nature of the nascent government and the existence of an insurgency in parts of South Central Somalia. At the same time, Somalia, particularly under the New Deal and the new internationally recognized government, is looking to move from crisis and stabilization to medium and longer-term development. The objectives of this contract are to: 1) Increase confidence in governance based on equitable participation in decision making and management of community assets. 2) Empower community and government representatives to engage with private sector and development actors in a collaborative process for community growth. 3) Increase Somali engagement in creating a more stable future. 4) Support inclusive, sustainable development by reducing gender gaps in stabilization and development.


The Procurement Officer is responsible for overall procurement of goods for in-kind grants and operations in accordance with USAID requirements and AECOM policies and procedures. This position will ensure that all procurement management actions follow appropriate procedures and policy guidelines. Negotiating with suppliers/vendors, ensuring delivery schedules are met and preparing ongoing reports for AECOM management.

Primary Responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Avail the materials, supplies, tools, services and equipment at the right price, right quality, right quantity, right time and right source.
  • Ensure Suppliers/Agencies/Sub-contractors selection made to the most qualified and cost effective vendors, procurement process are followed and fully implemented.
  • Work closely with program/operations team to develop quarterly/annually procurement plans (based on grant kick-off meetings, implementation plans and work plans) to ensure timely & availability of the goods & services for program/operations activities.
  • Exercise primary responsibility for procurement of services including research surveys for new suppliers/ vendors, goods & services (quality, prices, availability), following marketing trends, and produce regular reports.
  • Track and evaluate vendor/subcontractor performance and improvements related to pricing, contractual terms, and/or scope of services, and prepare vendors/subcontractors performance report based on the above criteria with marks & recommendations for future procurements & award.
  • Manage & update procurement designed internal control system to ensure safe guarding of USAID and AECOM assets, preventing and detecting fraud/errors, procurement records are accurate/complete and up -to -date and well filed & stored, compliance with rules, regulations and restrictions.
  • Ensure that Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Quotations (RFQ) are technically prepared and evaluated and made as per parameters mentioned on the USAID regulations and AECOM procurement manual before invitation to bid is sent out,
  • Prepare all contracts (for goods and/or service procurements) to ensure quality standards are met, prior to submitting for review and approval as required by AECOM procedures.
  • Follow & update TIS+ management on the meetings with vendors, collect copies of contracted awarded with AECOM requirements, at the end of the contract prepare the report of Sub-contractor’s performance and fill in the close out contract’s format.
  • Supervise process of conducting regular vendor Pre- qualifications according to AECOM policies & time lines, and provide final update /report.
  • In coordination with the logistician, initiating the payment procedure by submitting all necessary documents to the Finance Unit. This includes the Payment Request, Invoice, Waybill, and Purchase Order. The delivery of materials and the accuracy of the invoice must be verified.
  • Set up/maintain a system for centralized management of all contracts including but not limited to service contracts, Efficient record keeping and management reporting, products, services availability, reliability, alternatives and market locations area.
  • Manage the process of grants assets transfer of title according to AECOM policies & procedures, update the Grants Non Expendable assets tracking sheet on monthly basis.
  • Performance review plan for the subordinates and with agreed goals, these include employee performance improvement, performance development, cross-training, challenging assignments.
  • Training for TIS+ procurement and non-procurement staff on AECOM procurement manual & USAID related regulations, and get recommendations & feedback.
  • Other duties, as assigned.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Fluent in Somali.
  • Minimum RequirementsThe Procurement Officer must have five years’ procurement experience. Knowledge of US federal agency and/or international donor procurement procedures is highly desired. S/he must have demonstrated the ability to solve difficult procurement problems and issues. Oral and written fluency in English and a minimum of a BA/BS are required.
  • 5 years of previous procurement and management experience in medium to large USAID funded projects.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of market and purchasing options and challenges in East Africa, as well as local supply chain management.
  • Previous experience in conflict affected areas with limited infrastructure.
  • Capacity to develop work plans and budgets, negotiate contracts, take quick and relevant decisions.

How to Apply

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