AMSCO Job Vacancy : Security Officer



The Security Officer will be mandated to protect the assets of the bank. He/She must have good interpersonal skills and he or she must possess impeccable report writing skills. The individual must be honest, confident and reliable.

Key Responsibilities:-

    • Security supervision & assessment – liaise with the banks security provider to ensure their security obligations are discharged properly as per their contract. Periodically assess the security needs of the Bank and maintain a daily record of incidents.
    • Security Liaison & Intelligence- Maintain liaison with all relevant authorities, e.g., the Police, Banking fraud CBK, security firms, CID, NSIS, Flying squad change in patterns of crime in society etc.
    • Investigate frauds through security consultants that emanate both internally and externally and follow up to conclusion and prepare reports on all frauds investigated as per SLA. Follow up on all litigation cases concerning crime/frauds committed in the bank.


  • Continuously provide security training and updates to staff & management as appropriate and advice on implications of security threats and incidences to the bank as and when they occur.


    • Investigate leakages and provide mitigating measures to avoid future losses.


  • Provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual reports. The above will all be done under the supervision of the Security Manager In addition the Security officer will be required to assist in other duties that might arise within His/her respective department from time to time.

Skills Required

•     At least five years’ experience as an investigator police in the Criminal Investigations Department.

•     Excellent planning, organisation, execution and decision making skills.

•     Excellent I.T. skills. Exposure to cyber crime will be an added advantage.

•     Good oral and written skills.

•     Excellent conflict resolution and negotiating skills.

•     Team player, strong leadership and management skills.


Minimum qualifications

·         Must possess at least a degree in Security Management, Criminology, or any relevant similar Security training from a recognized institution.

·         Proficiency in training will be an added advantage.

·         An understanding the financial services industry and a working knowledge of major products and practices.

·         A solid understanding of security systems and procedures.

·         A strong grasp of global/regional politics and trends in world security particularly those concerned with political, terrorist or criminal instability.

·         The skills needed by the job holder can be broken into two parts

·         General – Project management, presentation, relationship management, interviewing, and communication, interpersonal and business management.

·         Technical (Working Knowledge) – Communications security; Cybercrime; CCTV systems; Alarms (intrusion detection); and access control technology; ballistic, blast and anti-bandit security; personal, vehicle and building security; electronic security; electronic counter surveillance; terrorist and kidnap response; security printing; crisis management and contingency planning.

·         Previous experience in a security management position.

·         Holds professional security qualifications or is a member of a recognized professional body,

·         A strong analytical mind and an ability to write concise reports and plans.

·         Investigative experience of not less than 5 years

How to Apply

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