Barrick Gold Corporation Job Vacancy : Community Liaison Officer



Acacia Exploration (Kenya) Ltd seeks to employ a Community Liaison Officer (CLO), based in Ikolomani, Kakamega County, Kenya. This role reports to the Section Leader Sustainability and the role holder will be accountable to work closely with the Sustainability team to maintain Acacia’s social licence to operate in Ikolomani.

This is a fixed term contract role, with the work roster being a normal working week.


• To attend to the various functions of the Sustainability team as required on a day to day and on-site basis in Ikolomani in order to maintain the social licence to operate.
• To create and maintain strong positive relationships, and build trust with all stakeholders in Ikolomani, through proactive implementation of Acacia’s Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) and other ‘best practice’ community relations standards. This includes relationships with the community members, all spheres of community and Government leadership, NGO’s and CSO’s.
• To maintain regular two-way dialogue with the community through regular sittings of a community consultation committee.
• To ensure community awareness of Acacia’s activities, and to seek and report back on community views on Company activities.
• To assist in the development of a community sensitization mechanism to de-mystify mining and exploration to the local community and to impart information on the project to the community in a transparent yet balanced manner.
• To assist with comprehensive stakeholder mapping and analysis, including the continued monitoring of grassroots community dynamics.
• Maintenance and implementation of grievance and social incident registers and systems.
• Carrying out landowner consent, compensation and rehabilitation processes.
• Assistance in the development of and implementation of fair community recruitment procedures, and recording of community recruitment details.
• To assist with conflict management as the need arises.
• To play an active role to promote the image of the mining industry through participation in education and information campaigns at various levels.
• To assist in the identification and delivery of social investment projects, in line with Acacia’s Community Wellbeing Strategy, and continued assessment to monitor projects’ effectiveness and impacts after implementation.
• To monitor sub-contractor practices and relationships with the community to ensure compliance with Acacia standards.
• To compile written reports and system generated reports for the Section Leader Sustainability as required.

ROLE REQUIREMENTS (M=Mandatory, I=Ideal)

Qualification Requirements:

• Relevant university degree or diploma (M)
• Driving licence (I)

Experience Requirements:

• 2-5 years’ experience in a Community Relations post (I)
• Demonstrated experience in the following areas (I):
o General ‘best practice’ community engagement methods and procedures
o Stakeholder engagement through Committees
o Stakeholder mapping and analysis practices
o Grievance and social obligations management systems
o Community sensitization
o Conflict management
• Experienced driver (I)

Skills / Knowledge Requirements:

• Knowledge of IFC Performance standards, Equator principles, EITI, Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and other international ‘best practice’ standards(I)
• Knowledge of Community Relations management and stakeholder mapping systems (I)
• Knowledge of Grievance Management systems (I)
• Knowledge of Kenyan Environmental, Mining and general Kakamega County Legislation (I)
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills (M)
• Basic accounting and general administration (M)
• Technical report writing (M)
• Strong social and interpersonal skills (M)
• Basic Microsoft computing packages (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.) (M)
• Basic GIS software packages (e.g. ARCGIS) (I)
• Fluency and literacy in English, Luhya and Kiswahili (M)
• In depth knowledge of the community fabric and cultural and socio-economic landscape in Ikolomani through being recently resident in the area or in Kakamega County for not less than 3 years (M)
• In depth knowledge of CSO and NGO’s activity in Ikolomani (M)
• Basics of the Extractives Sector (I)

Personal Attributes (M):

• Socially confident: a ‘people’ person with the ability to interact positively and respectfully with individuals from all spheres and walks of life, and with a natural aptitude to conduct authentic, personalised conversations
• Empathetic and with a high degree of emotional intelligence and the ability to spot, assess and respond to the emotions of host communities using the correct tonality, language and frequency
• Relationship builder: the ability to identify, nurture and develop long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders for the mutual benefit of the Company and stakeholders
• Cross-culturally sensitive: able to work comfortably in a multinational and multi-cultural environment
• Diplomatic by nature, and able to remain calm in conflict situations
• Highly motivated and performance oriented
• High standards of personal ethics and integrity
• Politically and culturally non-partisan


How to Apply

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