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Job Description

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Laboratory Technician

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Requirement Overview: To proficiently analyse smoke, blend and physical characteristics of tobacco and tobacco related products in the laboratory following ISO 17025 and Global BAT methodologies.
Key Responsibilities
  • Analyze and determine physical, smoke and blend characteristics of test items in accordance with documented quality management system.
  • Prepare and formulate casings and flavours used in the manufacture of quality tobacco products.
  • Perform trend analysis on results and initiate corrective action.
  • Keep all records of activities performed in the laboratory from their original data to the final records as required by the laboratory management system
  • Calibrate testing equipment in accordance with the documented laboratory quality management system so as to ensure integrity of the results.
  • Inspect and analyse in-coming supplies to ensure that the laboratory receives the best quality supplies and services.
  • Safeguard the integrity of test items, testing equipment, reference standards, reference materials, reagents, laboratory apparatus through secure storage and handling.
  • Maintain the work environment in a clean and safe state through proper housekeeping and 5S
  • Participate fully in laboratory’s management reviews to continually improve its management system.
  • Carry out internal quality audits of the laboratory management system
  • Evaluate, compile and present results of analysis for easy interpretation by customers
  • Identify and report non-conformances in the laboratory management system and implement preventive and corrective actions
Skills and Experience
  • Minimum of National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or any other related field
  • Knowledge of ISO management system
  • Experience – at least 2 years experience in laboratory operations.
  • Knowledge in statistical process control (SPC)

How to Apply

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Applications close on 13th November 2015