Schemes’ Set-up

Preparing the documentation for new Schemes;

Liaison with the regulatory authorities to ensure that Schemes are registered;

Creation of schemes and their intermediaries in Fund Master;


Scheme Documentation

Preparation and update of Schemes’ Trust Deed and Rules;

Preparation of Scheme Service Level and Administration Agreements;

Preparation of the Scheme’ Deposit Administration Agreement;

Ensuring that the Scheme file (soft and hard) are updated with all documents and is sequential and segmented for ease of retrieving;

Coordinating with the call center in collection of new and missing Individual Plan Members’ data/information;

Ensuring that Occupational Schemes’ Membership data is collected and submitted to the Administration team;

Ensuring that all Scheme documentation is scanned into EDMS;

Contributions Collections

Ensuring timely collection of contributions and  transfers in;

Month-to-month follow-up for contribution schedules preferably in soft copy;

Ensuring that contribution arrears are collected within the financial year;

Facilitating a program for Additional Voluntary Contributions for Occupational Schemes;

Putting together a sustainable contributions campaign for the Individual Retirement Plans;

Ensuring that there is conversion of cash remittances to non-cash based remittances (over the counter deposits and standing orders converted to DDA and or MPesa);

Following up for missing transfer-in worksheets as advised by the Administration Team from respective external Administrators;

Client Service

Facilitating Members’ education and sensitization forums;

Coordinating with the Administration Team to ensure timely processing of withdrawals and also conservation of clients as far as possible;

Preparation and presentation of Scheme Administration and Investment reports;

Liaison with the contact persons for the convening of Board of Trustees Meetings;

Preparation and maintenance of minutes for the Board of Trustee meetings;

Preparation and maintenance of file notes for any other meetings with the client;

Timely response to client’s queries (both internal and external);

Ensuring that Annual General Meetings of Members are held as provided for under the Regulations;

Ensuring regular communications and updates are sent to clients in respect of developments within the Retirement Benefits Sector and/or on matters of topical nature;

Considering value-add services and recognition/appreciation drivesfor clients;




Coordinating with the Administration Team to ensure that Scheme Quarterly Returns of Contributions are filed on time;

Ensuring timely appointment of Auditors are done and filing of Financials within the stipulated statutory timelines;

Ensuring timely update to the Trust Documentations to sync with current legislative provisions;

Ensuring that up-to-date Members’ information booklets are prepared and circulated;

Ensuring that Trustees are trained both for TDPK (statutory) as well as on the provisions of the Scheme (value-add);

Submission of Annual and/or Provisional Membership Statements to members;




Preparation and presentation of Scheme Administration and Investment reports;

Prepare an up-to-date register of the Schemes’ compliance statuses;

Circulate a weekly report on work status highlighting exceptional issues for particular attention;

Circulate a weekly progress report on contribution arrears collection;


Annuity and Income Drawdown Plans (Pension Provisions)


Organize and facilitate an annual general meeting of Pensioners;

Ensure that updates to the Pensioners are done on a regular basis;

Engage the Pensioners as a point of reference for new recruits;

Compile/suggest product improvement considerations owing from interactions with Pensioners.

Handle enquiry feedbacks to Pensioners;




Participating in the induction and training of new staff members joining the team;

Liaison with other departments on issues of mutual interest in our clients’ servicing;

Performing any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.




A minimum undergraduate degree preferably in a numerical/business field;

Functional knowledge of the retirement benefits legislation;

A customer facing orientation;

Working skills on MS Office Suite with an emphasis on MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Word;

Knowledge on financial markets and financial reporting especially with relation to retirement benefits as an added advantage




The position has key interfaces with:


Customer Service;

Information Technology;


Group life and Pensions Sales;

Treasury and Investment Department;

Actuarial Department;

Policy Administration Department.




Basic knowledge of the retirement benefits arrangements;

High Integrity;

Well-developed interpersonal relation skills;


Proactivity in problem solving;

Team player ;

A good planner of work schedules;

A good communicator;


Measurement Standards


Maintain organized office records;

Regular and prompt updating of members accounts with relevant maintenance of related records;

Accurate and timely benefits processing;

Collating and responding to members queries promptly;

Highlighting System issues promptly;

Accurate data management;

Provision of accurate and timely records and reports.



Closing Date:

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Key Skills/Specialization:

A minimum undergraduate degree preferably in a numerical/business field