Business Development Officer, Bancassurance Job in Kenya


Business Development Officer, Bancassurance Job in Kenya

Job purpose

The role  will report to the Business Development Manager Bancassurance .  The holder will be responsible for maintaining existing relationships with banks and generating new leads for Bancassurance business.

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Key responsibilities

  1. Participate in securing new business through the banks;
  2. Undertake customer account and relationship management for Bancassurance business;
  3. Process  tenders and avail required documentation on time;
  4. Carry out marketing activities for Bancassurance products;
  5. Ensure customer documentation is complete and in compliance with the requirements;
  6. Follow-up renewals to ensure business retention are optimised and the prescribed retention ratio is achieved;
  7. Handle customer complaints, written or verbal;
  8. Train bank officers on Britam products to enable them sell effectively; and
  9. Deliver on performance requirements as defined in the departments’ strategy map, balanced scorecard and Personal Scorecard.


Key Performance Measures



Working Relationships

Internal Relationships:

The Business Development Officer, Bancassurance will be:

  1. Accountable to Business Development Manager, Bancassurance
  2. Required to liaise and work closely with the other departments as may be necessary


External Relationships:

  1. Britam Customer
  2. Insurance Sector Players
  3. Banks


Knowledge, experience and qualifications required

  1. Bachelor of Commerce degree (marketing option preferred)
  2. Professional qualification in Insurance (ACII, IIK)
  3. 4-6 years’ experience in insurance/banking/financial services


Essential Competencies 

  1. Deciding and Initiating Action: Ensures key departmental objectives are met, takes responsibility for decisions, actions, projects and people while focussing on achievement of departmental results; takes initiative and works under own direction; initiates and generates activity; makes quick, clear decisions with limited information available which may include tough choices or considered risks; decisions and actions takes into account possible impact on all parts of the business.
  2. Leading and Supervising: Provides the department with a clear direction based on the overall strategic intent of the organisation; motivates and empowers others with a clear sense of purpose; creates a positive departmental climate that fosters learning and development; acknowledge high potential talent; sets and articulates the vision and values through own personal behaviour.
  3. Persuading and Influencing: Gains clear agreement and commitment from others by persuading, convincing and negotiating to the benefit of the department, promotes the organisational strategy during departmental conversations; makes effective use of political processes to influence and persuade others; promotes ideas on behalf of the department; makes a strong personal impact on others; takes care to manage the department’s impression and brand on others.
  4. Formulating Strategies and Concepts: Works strategically to realise organisational goals within the department; sets and develops departmental strategies; identifies and develops positive and compelling visions of the department’s future potential; takes account of a wide range of issues across, and related to, the organisation; encourage others to take a strategic and long term view in terms of the department’s future; communicates the organisational strategy, vision and objectives effectively across all levels in the department.
  5. Entrepreneurial and Commercial Thinking: Keeps up to date with competitor information and market trends; identifies business opportunities for the department; maintains awareness of developments, changes, trends and possible risks in the department’s structure and politics; demonstrates financial awareness; ensure costs are monitored and controlled and thinks in terms of profit, loss and added value.
  6. Planning and Organising: Sets clearly defined departmental objectives; plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances; identifies and organises resources needed to accomplish tasks; manages time effectively; monitors departmental performance against deadlines and milestones.


Closing Date:

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Key Skills/Specialization:

Bachelor of Commerce degree (marketing option preferred); 4-6 years’ experience in insurance/banking/financial services

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