Centum Investment’s Graduate Trainee Programme November 2016(90-150K)

Graduate Trainee Programmes provide a great opportunity for people with less than 5 years work experience, graduates and ongoing 4th Year students to launch their careers in Kenya’s Job Market.While there are many ways of getting a job as an entry level employee including internships, with the right qualifications graduate trainee programmes rank as one of the best ways of landing a job in Kenya. The idea behind graduate  programmes is to provide a training ground for young employees to learn on the job they apply for with the aim of retaining them as permanent employees. A genius idea!

One such company that has regular Graduate Trainee Programmes is Centum Investments. Centum  is East Africa’s leading investment company listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange and Uganda Securities Exchange, and every year they open their doors to fresh graduates to join their highly coveted Graduate Trainee Programme.

The Company’s CEO is the highest earning CEO in Kenya at only 39 years, banking over 16 Million Shillings every month and it would be of interest to us to find out how to get a slot in their graduate trainee programme which pays 90-150K, and also find out what it takes and the experience it brings with it.

1. Qualifications for The Graduate Trainee Programme

Their targeted breed of fresh graduates is often the crème del a crème of excellent students from a wide array of Universities in the East African region. These are the students who scored A level equivalents in their main exams, cat’s and takeaways, the students who often forfeited clubbing on the weekends  in order to study and above all the students who got second class uppers and first class honors at the end of university. They pick academically excellent students who are below 25 years of age.

2. Preferred Study Disciplines/Specializations

Centum’s graduate trainee programme is highly tailored to suit students who have pursued the following courses:

  • Mathematics: Actuarial Science, Statistics
  • Business Courses: Actuarial science, Statistics, Commerce, Economics, Financial Engineering
  • Architectural & Building Sciences: Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Construction management, Land Surveying
  • Humanities & Management Arts; Law, HR, Communication  & Marketing
  • ICT: Computer Science/ BBIT (Business Information Technology)
  • CFA, CPA, And ACCA Qualified candidates


How to Apply

  • The applications are done via their online portal . This year’s trainees were selected in April 2016 and the next intake will be in 2017. That notwithstanding, it’s okay to prepare early and keep an eye on this golden opportunity that is open for all.
  • The whole experience working as a graduate trainee according to the beneficiaries of the programme is said to be a challenging and participatory experience set in an energetic, highly focused and hardworking environment made up of young people. It is worth the impressive gross salary and profits the company projects every year with bonuses of upto 6 million given to each employee annualy.
  • Other Companies that offer Graduate Trainee Programmes in Kenya include:
  • G4S,  Kenya Revenue Authority,   KPMG,  PW,   Deloitte,  Cooperative Bank of Kenya, Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA), Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Safaricom,   Barclays Bank of Kenya (BBK),  Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA),  Jubilee Insurance,  Equity Bank,  Britam Insurance,  APA Insurance,  GT Bank,  Bank of Africa,  Kenya Power, KTDA, United Nations (Annual internships),  General Motors (GM), Earnest & Young, East African Breweries Limited (EABL),  Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, Capital Markets Authority (CMA), I &M Bank and Centum Investments.
  • Be on the look out for the next great graduate trainee programme opportunity. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.