CFC Bank Careers. Relationship Manager-September 2015


Relationship Manager Commercial Banking Job at- Mombasa, Kenya

To grow and retain a portfolio of high value commercial relationships by performing a proactive, mobile, value adding financial partnership role, ensuring that close personal attention is given to providing a full array of customised financial solutions and services tailored to meet the growth needs and potential of the portfolio.
Relationship Manager Job Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Profitable Growth in Sales
Providing advice on, promoting, selling and structuring a wide and diverse range of financial solutions customised to best meet the financial needs of high value commercial customers.
Selling includes acquiring and opening new business accounts on a face-to-face basis, as well as
Cross-selling additional value added solutions to the existing portfolio to assist clients in growing their businesses
Identifying and taking ownership of sales leads generated for associate Group company stakeholders e.g. Vehicle and Asset Finance; Electronic Banking; Bancassurance/wealth management (where available) etc. to ensure a quick and knowledgeable response.
Mining and analysing customer data to identify and plan for expansion and/or additional business opportunities.
Developing and implementing a client calling schedule to visit all clients in the portfolio.
Identifying opportunities to migrate top-end relationships.

Customer Service Quality and Efficiency
Providing a central advisory/information/ query handling service point for the portfolio.
Performing a proactive liaison role between customers and back office service fulfilment and credit functions.
Interacting frequently and closely with all clients to analyse and establish ongoing needs and to assist clients to better understand their financial requirements.
Accurately and efficiently processing customer mandates/ documentation requirements for financial facilities.

Lending Support and Risk Management
Planning and implementing annual credit reviews for the portfolio.
Explaining and structuring/ customising credit loan facility options, parameters and qualifying criteria.
Supporting customers in the completion of credit application information requirements, e.g. balance sheets, financial statements and management accounts.
Motivating and processing non-scored credit applications.
Notifying customers regarding the approval/ decline of credit loan facilities.
Exploring alternative solutions in the event of declines from Credit.
Monitoring of daily referrals to ensure that client facilities are managed within the parameters set by Credit. Exercising discretion regarding account conduct based on a close knowledge and understanding of client activities.
Managing and controlling industry sector, client exposure, and securities held to contain risk.

Compliance with Legislation
Compliance with general banking and Credit policies and procedures.
Ensure compliance with KYC requirements.
Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • Bachelors Degree Minimum 2nd Upper, preferably Banking related e.g. Banking, Finance, Accounting, Economics of Business Administration.
  • A Masters Degree (MBA) in Banking, Finance or Economics or Banking related. Professional qualifications e.g. CFA, ACCA, ACIB will be an added advantage.
  • 5 – 7 years experience.
  • Previous portfolio relationship management experience (5-7 years in total) as a Business Manager and/or Account Executive managing a portfolio is preferable. This experience provides an understanding of how businesses operate, as well as understanding the business risks, industry risks and financial requirements pertaining to the commercial market.
  • A minimum of 6 months previous working experience in Credit is preferable to gain practical exposure to lending principles and to establish credible relationships.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Relevant business related tertiary qualification particularly in the Commercial field (Business flavour), e.g. business related degree qualification.
  • Strong numerical skills and financial acumen to analyse, evaluate and identify trends in complex consolidated financial statements, balance sheets and ratios.
  • A sound understanding of cash – flow cycles pertaining to the industry being analysed.
  • A good knowledge of financial spreadsheet applications (e.g. Excel) to capture and analyse financial data.
  • Good knowledge of general banking practices and procedures.
  • A good understanding of the principles and practices of business economics and the current business economic environment.
  • A good current knowledge of different industry sectors and sector risk profiles/ trends; this includes an understanding of the impact of climactic conditions on the agricultural market (if there are agric clients in the portfolio).
  • A thorough knowledge of multi-level products available to business banking customers (features & benefits) and pricing structures.
  • A good knowledge of financial investment options, vehicle and asset finance and electronic banking options for lead generation purposes.
  • Good knowledge of Personal Banking product offerings.
  • A good knowledge of competitor offerings and structures.
  • A sound knowledge and understanding of Credit principles and practices, including an understanding of credit application, securities and balance sheet requirements.
  • A strong working knowledge of the terms and conditions of multiple legal entities (companies, close corporations, sole proprietorships etc.) in the commercial market and the legislative restrictions & requirements governing these from a financial services perspective.
  • Sound understanding of current taxation laws as they apply to the portfolio of customers.

Negotiation skills.
A good working knowledge of administration processes and procedures pertaining to Business Banking transactions.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Knowledge of how to use the Group Reference Guide to access/ look up relevant information.

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