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Chief Marketing Officer Kenya Job At HRBP Solutions, Kenya

We are currently recruiting in Kenya A SENIOR POSITION for our client , a leading Hospital in Kenya

Chief Marketing Officer Kenya Job Responsibilities

  • Business Development – Handling sales and marketing team
  • Business Generation and Relationship building with existing clients – Taking the responsibility of the total revenue target of the Institution (Including business generated from Preventive Health Checks, In Patient, Out
  • Patient, Branding, PR, Media, Communications & other activities)
  • Responsible for brand promotion through Media, PR, Communication, Outdoor campaign and other activities.
  • Implementation of Marketing Strategies – Health Awareness Lectures, Health Screening Camps, Health Shows,
  • Value Added Services and efforts to position the brand, as the preferred Healthcare Services provider.
  • Organising CME Programs, partnership with neighbourhood clinics for Critical Care, Cardiac Clinics for business promotion.
  • Identifying Referral Centres across all cities and other countries to increase the referral business.
  • Participating in the CSR activities of our customers, by the way of organizing health camps and other activities.
  • Job involves co-ordination with Specialist doctors, meeting with Corporate Heads, Co-ordinates with other locations and PR activities related to Healthcare Services.

Medical Marketing Team Duties

  • Meeting  the multi- specialty  consultants and convincing them for the referrals
  • To meet 7-8  doctor’s per day
  • Organizing  the  CME’s  in local and outstation to promote our brand
  • Organizing  the CAMP  in and around to fetch walk-in patients(Monthly 2 per executive)
  • Empanelling  potential consultants to the system
  • Bringing more consultants to system by giving them admission rights
  • To maximize our cardiac procedure by giving more visiting CATH lab rights cardiologist
  • Organizing IN House CME’s with multiple specialties
  • Organizing  Health awareness campaign/activities
  • Opening the referral centers in the potential locations near to the hospital radius
  • To Tie-up more number  of Nursing homes for the critical care tie-up
  • To Maintain the Updated database of the doctors

Corporate Marketing Team Duties

  • Collect the Database of entire Corporate sector which includes PSU’s , Private sectors companies
  • Collect the database of the entire Insurance Companies
  • To  approach the companies and sign the MOU with  companies for the Pre-employment check-up , Annual
  • Health check-up and   for IP referrals
  • To organize the Health Talks in corporate (Minimum 2 per Executive)
  • To Tie-up with all the banks(Both Private and public sector) for Health check-up’s
  • To promote the Health Screening in all the corporate
  • To Meet all the Corporate Medical Officer and engage them in some Health awareness programme and main a rapport with them.
  • To Organize the Health awareness camp all the opportunities like special days, schools, parks, and Beach.
  • To conduct the outdoor activities and the promotional works

PR and Media

  • Is to ensure the complete support for the sales team in the branding aspects

Internal Branding

  • To Ensure all the Internal Branding and signage are effectively placed
  • To Ensure all the patients who visits the hospital carries the branded collaterals
  • To ensure all stationeries are branded which ever used by doctor, pharmacy, laboratory etc…  are branded properly
  • To display all the updated press releases and other  like specialty  promotional campaigns are designed and displayed legibly
  • To  organize the  specialty  camp on the specific desired specialties to promote procedures and  specialties
  • To Finalize the individual specialty  promotional collaterals and the tariff master
  • Organizing the doctors get to gather programme in the some special occasions along with the entire team.

External Branding

  • Responsible for finalizing the  creative’s for the hospital brand promotion
  • Responsible for the outdoor branding options like Hoardings, signage’s etc.
  • Responsible for the complete control of the press coverage of hospital and specialties e.g.  advertorials , doctors bytes and paper advertisements
  • To prepare all the specialty collaterals for the marketing Team to be delivered to the doctors during the sales call.
  • To organize the press release or conference regarding the rare surgeries performed  by the consultants
  • To  join with sales team during the special campaigns to promote brand by designing the effective collaterals for both in-house and outdoor marketing e.g. Fliers, danglers, posters and standees
  • To  coordinate with the FM and other broadcasting agencies to make our brand  popular and  also effectively use them during the special campaigns
  • To coordinate with the corporate/HO  team  for implementing the special initiatives/ CSR’s  launched at corporate
  • To  effectively use the print , electronic and online media to promote our brand

Marketing Coordinator Duties

  • Complete back end support to the sales and marketing team
  • Complete responsible to handle the patients referred through marketing , also should meet all the inpatients admitted on that particular day
  • To  coordinate with the sales team for the health camp , CME or other promotional activities for organizing the required items for the particular event
  • To  coordinate with the finance team for payment follow-up and  prepare the  cheque for the referral doctors and vendors
  • To  maintain the updated database  of the  doctors whom the executives have met
  • To maintain the record of patients referred through executives and referral cheque process
  • To maintain the record of the vendors and  maintain  the track of the documents whenever demanded  by the finance team
  • To  send the regular letter communication to all doctors (monthly twice) and also to send the regular SMS to the doctors and patients
  • To handle the petty cash for the team day to day activities / expenditures and proper account has to be submitted whenever requested

How to Apply

  • If you are up to the challenge, posses the necessary qualification and experience, please send your CV only quoting the job title on the email subject to [email protected] before 30th  AUGUST  2016, indicate your current /expected salary and notice period .