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Job Description

BU Planning & Analysis Manager at Coca Cola, Kenya

This position leads planning, consolidation and reporting activities for its Business Units (BU), as well as partnering with Region Finance Managers, BU Finance Director, Group P&A Director, Business Unit Leadership Team and functions to provide analysis about the performance and risks and opportunities of the BU. Supports BUFD and RFM in decision making and portfolio management.

Leads and inspires a multicultural team specialized in Planning & Analysis and is end responsible for timely and accurate financial reports and analysis provided to each Region in his/her responsibility BU.

Leads the thinking in optimization and standardization of Planning & Analysis’ processes and tools within his/her responsibility area and pro-actively guides and assess future needs as business realities change. Creates routines and collaborative partnerships to document and share best practices broadly.

Requires a deep understanding of the financial condition and economics of the System, comprising the Suppliers, Bottlers, customers, government and NGO’s through the lens of categories, packages, brands, and the competitive landscape.

Manages interactions with GBS/RFC to ensure BU is fully compliant with Company policy & procedures.

BU Planning & Analysis Job Responsibilities

  • Management of collaborative partnerships with Group Planning & Analysis (P&A), Region Finance Managers (RFMs) and Global Finance Operations (GFO) in order to fulfill duties regarding the Actuals Reporting in his/her responsibility area:
  • Reviews the closing process with the Business Unit and with GBS and analyze actual closing reports delivered by Planning & Analysis (P&A) Analysts and ask for revision (adjustments, accruals, reflection of R&Os) if needed.
  • Reviews and adjusts actuals narratives and manual templates (supported by P&A Analysts) if needed.
  • Validates Tier 1 countries PBT narratives and provide consolidated BU financials for earnings release submission.
  • Validates consolidated BU financials, submit narratives and manual templates to Group and Business Unit Leadership Team (BULT).
  • Provides Business Unit’s financial statements timely and accurately.
  • Leads monthly/quarterly PL, B/S review meetings with internal stakeholders.
  • Management of collaborative partnerships with Group Planning & Analysis (P&A), Region Finance Managers and Global Finance Operations (GFO) in order to fulfill duties regarding the RE and BP in his/her responsibility area:
  • Defines and coordinates RE/BP calendar.
  • Guides preparation of input assumptions and adjust in BPC according to Region.
  • Validates BU Solo input assumptions delivered by each Region and adjust when necessary. Provide RE/BP inputs regarding, OPEX, DME, Working capital.
  • Leads preparation of RE/BP BU solo and Region financial statement line items provided by Planning &
  • Analysis (P&A) analysts and/or GBS/GFO.
  • Coordinates relief process, provide insights to Business Unit Finance Director (BUFD) for fair portfolio management in Region financials.
  • Reviews and understand UC/CSE volume forecast figures (quarterly phasing, brand/beverage product mix, DSI and inventory).
  • Analyzes and understand key markets and consolidated Business Unit System revenue dynamics.
  • Analyzes cost drivers and FX impact to readjust Region BP targets.
  • Coordinates BU solo Employee Cost Planning forecasts with Human Resources (HR) and other internal stakeholders and service providers.
  • Coordinates BU solo DME/DMI planning with internal stakeholders and service providers.
  • Coordinates BU solo OPEX planning with internal stakeholders and service providers.
  • Contributes to the decision making process and act as a partner with the Business to provide the most accurate forecasts and R&O summaries possible.
  • Coordinates RE/BP calendar at BU level and be responsible for timeliness of BU solo and consolidated financial statement forecasts.
  • Reviews BP/RE management reports (scorecards, dashboards, brand contribution, MEM reports) and ensure good and understandable narratives (i.e. can stand alone) to describe the business performance and/or forecasts.
  • Reviews Region, BU solo and BU consolidated RE/BP narratives and manual templates and adjust if required and ensure timely submission of consolidated BU narratives and manual templates to Group.
  • Reviews Region R&Os, consolidate for the Business Unit, adjust if required, and submit consolidated Business Unit R&Os to Group.
  • Conducts B/S, P&L review and R&O meetings with internal stakeholders.
  • Supports Business Unit Finance Director (BUFD) for preparation of Business Unit BP and SBP presentation for Business Unit President (BUP), Group CFO and Group President.
  • Management of Interactions with GBS/ Global Finance Operations (GFO)/Corporate Audit
  • Ensures proper accounting for business activities is recorded and transactions are fully compliant with

Company policy & procedures.

  • Guides to receive timely B/S analysis and R&O information are received.
  • Ensures closing timelines are abided by and continuous improvement strategies are implemented.
  • Acts as the point of contact for the GBS Teams (Global Finance Operations, A/P, ECP) and the Indirect Tax Manager.
  • Ensures Company Internal Control requirements are in place and followed for all Business Unit and Region Operations.
  • Collaborates with Corporate Audit Department for internal audit requirements.
  • Builds diverse, inclusive teams and engages all members.
  • Develops the next generation of leaders; coach, develop, mentor.
  • Initiates strategies to engage and retain key talent.
  • Seeks and acts on feedback from others; continuously develop through learning and sharing with others.
  • Builds capabilities through developing people, processes and culture.
  • Motivates the teams to achieve individual and team objectives.


  • Maximizes utilization of direct reports and functional reports
  • The job involves very strong analysis and scenario-planning skills with the ability to integrate complex financial data about the Company and bottling partner into meaningful and simple recommendations
  • Provides perspective and advice to maximize opportunities and minimize financial risks to The Coca-Cola Company
  • Clearly communicates and translates in business-terms financial concepts in order to make sound business-decisions and ensure delivery of financial targets.

Judgement and Decision Making

  • Supports the Leadership Team
  • Supports RFM
  • Identifies and shares best practices to the business from across the system and the competitive market and latest market trends
  • Leads and implements significant change
  • Persuades, Influences and Negotiates Goals & Objectives, Budgets, Operational Objectives, Resource allocation at the department/BU/multiple functions/families/multiple entities,
  • Growing Organizational Talent; Leads and drives a team-oriented culture that is committed to individual professional growth
  • Takes a lead in creating and adopting best practices with continuous improvement.
  • Plans and coordinates the changing market dynamics and incorporating the same in the business planning / strategy process.
  • Uses input from internal and external sources to promote leading edge solutions for adding value to the business.
  • Provides strategic input to the leadership team and bottling partners on new product development and launches to ensure that system profitability growth.
  • Directs and encourages teams to look to multiple sources to identify and reinforce leading practices.
  • Educates and serves as a consultant to others on the importance of anticipating customer needs and measuring outcomes.
  • Tests multiple scenarios against strategies to ensure maximum results.

Qualifications and Competencies for BU Planning & Analysis Jobs in Kenya

  • The ability to apply forecasting techniques and skills to develop and evaluate business goals and strategies, analyzing information to derive insights and implications to initiate planning and/or re-planning, and controlling financial results.
  • The ability to motivate and develop the talent and to collaborate with cross-functional peers to define the business plan/rolling estimate deliverables needed from them and ensure commitment on their calendar.
  • Accepting and building accountability
  • Building value based relationships
  • Communicating effectively
  • Initiating action
  • Planning and organizing
  • Thinking systematically

Technical skills

  • Financial analysis
  • Planning and forecasting skills
  • Establish management routines
  • Performance management
  • GAAP, Cost Accounting / Analysis
  • Economics, Treasury / FX, Tax
  • Information Technology

Related Requirements

  • 10 – 11 years of financial management experience in a major consumer products or a financial services company with responsibility for similar size of operations.
  • People and resources management experience.
  • Well-honed negotiation skills.
  • Accounting experience is a strong plus.

How to Apply

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