Commercial Bank of Africa Job Vacancy in Kenya : Senior Manager – Credit Approvals and Portfolio Management August 2015


Job description

Commercial Bank of Africa is looking to recruit a dynamic and passionate individual to fill the role of Senior Manager, Credit Approvals & Portfolio Management.

Reporting to the Group Head Credit Risk, this individual will be tasked to monitor the credit portfolio to ensure full compliance with the core principles of good lending enshrined in the Credit Policy, Banking Act, and CBK’s prudential guidelines and early recognition of problem credits so as to mitigate against credit risks within the Bank.

Key Responsibilities and Time Allocation

  • Approving of credits within delegated authority and provision of quality control for credits above delegated authority; Consistency in meeting established turnaround times for delegated credit approvals (Corporate, SME, Personal and Card) while maintaining full compliance with risk management guidelines
  • Drive effectiveness within the department structure and apply established systems (policies, process, procedures & tools) towards achieving compliance requirements, optimal efficiency, resource utilization and cost containment
  • Ensuring quality leadership is experienced throughout the department and effectively translate it to a conducive work environment and employee satisfaction.
  • Ensuring adequacy and competency within staff to effectively perform credit approval and portfolio management tasks.
  • Minimizing exposures and impacts of risks associated with Portfolio Management and Treasury limits through prudent monitoring.
  • Preparing portfolio reports for Management and Regulatory authorities.

Principles and Accountabilities

  • Monitoring the credit portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with the Credit Policy Document, the Banking Act, and the CBK prudential guidelines through daily reports and
  • escalation of any violation to ARMs, Team Leaders, GM-Corporate Banking, AGM/GM-Risk Management and BCC as appropriate.
  • Reviewing facility and overdraft excesses, and non-facility overdrafts through daily reports from IT to ensure that they are appropriately sanctioned and therefore safeguard the bank from financial loss from unauthorized extension of credit.
  • Monitoring Treasury foreign currency limits, counterparty FX and Money Market limits through daily Money Maker Reports from IT.
  • Timely approvals of Corporate, SME and Personal Banking credit applications within delegated mandate.
  • Preparing Risk Management MANCO, GMCC and Board Reports including quarterly CBK Reports.
  • Reviewing of credit policy and updating it in line with changes in the lending environment.
  • Competence development and performance management of staff.
  • Providing support to Account Relationship Managers and other users on Credit Quest issues.

Desired Skills and Experience
The Company has identified the following qualifications, experience and attributes that the candidate should possess:

  • University Degree from a recognized university.
  • Six years banking experience with at least four in Corporate Banking, or Credit Risk Management.
  • Ability to nurture and sustain employee satisfaction, and to manage change.
  • Performance management skills to optimize employee productivity.
  • The ability to effectively structure the unit for optimal performance.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to enable the effective communication and management of customer expectations (internal and external), and other stakeholders who impact performance.
  • Credit Risk Analysis skills to effectively perform or guide performance of Credit approval activities/tasks in a manner that consistently produce high quality of service.
  • Knowledge of the relevant lending products.
  • Knowledge and effective application of all relevant banking policies, processes, procedures and guidance to consistently achieve required compliance standards or benchmarks.
  • Self-empowerment to enable development of open communication, teamwork and trust that are needed to support true performance and customer-service oriented culture.
  • Planning & organizing skills to effectively manage self and team’s project.
  • Proficiency in use of relevant MS Office applications.

Leadership Characteristics

Is cool and resilient under pressure, honest in every dealing, open to constructive criticism, can be relied on to deliver.

Demonstrates effortless simplicity and is able to do mundane things with grace and flair. They connect easily with different audiences, exhibit finesse in all interactions and have a high sense of values that they uphold at every turn.

Believes in themselves, are respected and treat others with respect and occupy a significant place in people’s minds.

How to Apply

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