Communication Intern in Kenya


Communication Intern in Kenya

Johanniter International (JOIN) is a partnership of 16 national charity organisations founded by the Order of St John in Europe and the Middle East, and the 4 Orders of St John in Europe. Member organisations carry out a broad range of activities. However, they have a common purpose in that they work to prevent and respond to emergencies aiming at helping people in everyday need as well as crisis. Services and support are open to everyone. This shared approach to humanitarian welfare and social aid is based on the member organisations’ Christian heritage. HOW WE WORK The work of JOIN charities is made possible through the combined efforts of over 100,000 volunteers and professionals, who believe that our societies need people that care for other people. Activities and projects are funded by donations from individuals, companies and foundations across the world. Get in touch to find out how you can support our work. Together we can provide crucial help to thousands of people in crisis, and continue to improve the daily lives of millions of people in Europe and around the world. The central office of Johanniter International is located in Brussels. Its representatives advocate the interest of the St John charities within the European Union and facilitate Europe-wide cooperation as well as international projects.

Job Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Overall job purpose

While increasing skills, knwoledge and experience applied to the working environemnt:

  • Produce communication materials (including text, photographic, videographic) on program activities, ongoing strategic initiatives, partners programs and particulalr strenghts, and on general humanitarian issues affecting Kenya but from a positive perspoective focusing particulalry on local, national and regional capacities and opportunities.
  • Continue contributing to the development of the communication strategy that Johaniter can achieve in Kenya on communication.
  • Iniitate to SBCC approaches and how can SBCC be integrated in ongoing and in-development projects.


On producing communication materials

  • Develop communication material in text, photographic and video formats as required by the program, the partners, the activities, etc.
  • Produce series of articles, blogs, etc. that can be used in-country and internationally

On short term strategy

  • Participate actively in work session aiming at strengthening Johanniter’s and partners’ communication strategies.


  • Develop an increased exposure for both Johanniter and the intern on the SBCC approach
  • Help bringing projects and programs design to integrate relevant SBCC components.


How to Apply

The position is open to Kenyan citizen only.

Send a motivation letter describing your interest and motivation on communication in general and your strengths on the various media support. Define where you feel is your greatest strengths. Explain also, beside media and communication, your actual knowledge on SBCC (Social Behaviour Change and Communication) and your interest (or no interest) in the approach.

Candidates will be pre-selected for interviews based on the quality and creativity of this motivation letter. Be convincing, and do not hesitate to think outside the box. Clarity, capacity to quickly pass your points and expressing your personal vision will be key elements that will be assessed in this motivation letter. Focus on yourself and what you want to bring, not on generic things.


Send three references with their contacts. Indicate their relationship with you and in which context do they know you.

These should be sent to: [email protected] indicating ‘Communication Intern’ and your name in the subject field.

Applications for the first round will be open until August 31st COB.

Applications for the second round will be open up to October 31st 2017 COB, but applications will review during that period and interviews may be conducted before October 31st.

Only short-listed candidates will be notified.