Communication and Marketing Officer Job in Rwanda


Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

P.O. Box 6169 Kigali, Rwanda – Tel.: 250 242580142 – Fax: 250 242580141

Position: Communication and Marketing Officer,NutritionProgram

Job Location: Kigali

Business Unit: In-Country Operations

Report to: Nutrition Program Senior Manager


Foundedin2002,byPresidentWilliamJ.Clinton,theClintonHealthAccessInitiative(CHAI)isaglobalhealthorganizationcommittedtostrengtheningintegratedhealthsystemsaroundtheworldandexpanding accesstocare and treatment forHIV/AIDS,Malariaandother illnesses.Basedon thepremisethat businessorientedstrategy can facilitatesolutionstoglobalhealth challenges,CHAI actsas acatalysttomobilizenewresourcesandoptimizetheimpactoftheseresourcestosavelives,viaimprovedorganizationofcommoditymarketsandmoreeffectivelocalmanagement.ByworkinginassociationwithgovernmentsandotherNGOpartners,CHAIisfocusedonlargescaleimpactand,todate,CHAIhassecuredlowerpricingagreementsfortreatmentoptionsinmorethan70countries.Inaddition,CHAI’steamsareworkingside-by-sidewithover30governmentstotacklemanyofthelargestbarrierstoeffectivetreatment and care.

It is in line with above that CHAI is currently implementing a nutrition program in partnership with theGovernment of Rwanda and other partners with the aim of contributing to the fight against malnutrition in Rwanda. This program aims at developing highly nutritious products which when consumed will reduce chronic malnutrition among Rwandan children. CHAI will support the government of Rwanda to design and market products,to drive product uptake, to ensure widespread product acceptation, and educate households on appropriate product utilization.

CHAI is therefore seeking a dynamic, highly motivated individual for a Communication and Marketing Officer position.


TheCommunication and Marketing Officer isexpectedtodevelop and implement communication and marketing strategies based on specific budget and give recommendations about branding. He / She will use a specialized knowledge and experience in communication and marketing to: advise in the development of communication tools as well as the development of packaging prototype(s) and participate in awareness campaigns; TheCommunication and Marketing Officer willneedahighleveloforganization, creativity,self-motivation,andcommunication skills which are relevant for the job.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Under the leadership of the Rwanda Health Communication Center (RHCC) and CHAI, collaborate effectively with MoH and CHAI partners including FBF producers and marketing agenciesto developand implement the FBF communication strategic plan;
  • Participate in development of appropriate product packaging;
  • Provide support to the teams to develop effective communication tools, BCC and IEC materials;
  • Design a distribution plan of all IEC materials produced and follow up their distribution;
  • Ensure all FBF messages/tools are pre-tested;
  • Draft, edit and format FBF documents, including communication deliverables such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, ads, promotional videos …;
  • Collaborate with RHCC and CHAI teams to prepare and organize awareness creation regarding the importance of adopting and using the product;
  • Prepare and organize capacity building activities to increase knowledge for attitude and behaviour change;
  • Initiate activities which will help to sustain behaviour change and attitude of the audience;
  • Produce necessary briefs, concepts and reports to inform the campaigns and product design decision making;
  • Ensure all photos and video interviews related to the program have written and signed consent release forms;
  • Compile / collate program related photographs / videos;
  • Ensure proper branding and marking of FBF materials;
  • Ensure that FBF activities are appropriately and effectively disseminated to the public health events, conferences and in the media;
  • Support RHCC team to manage media at the activity events;
  • Update CHAI on key activities and achievements;
  • Work with RHCC team to identify and disseminate best practices and success stories;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of all marketing and communications activities;
  • Work closely with local/community leaders, FBOs/CSOs leaders to ensure the success of the program interventions;
  • Work closely with other implementing partners and stakeholders at central and decentralized level to ensure that they are involved in the implementation and monitoring of FBF activities;
  • Publish articles/success stories/human interest stories on the progress on the program.

Qualification and CompetencyRequirements:

  • Bachelor degree in Marketing, Communication or Management;
  • 3+yearsofexperiencein marketing and/or communications;
  • High computer literacy;
  • Proficiency in Adobe suite use;
  • Strong in oral and written communication skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills;
  • Demonstrable good team working skills;


  • Creativity;
  • Extremelyorganized;
  • Can workindependently;
  • Able to meetstrictdeadlines;
  • Excellentattention todetail.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should submit their cover letter and resume as well as the names and contacts of 3 professional references to the following email address: [email protected]

Submission deadline:

June 18th, 2016