Criminal Investigator Job in Kenya


Criminal Investigator Job in Kenya

Job brief

We are looking for a thorough Criminal investigator to study crime scenes and identify the guilt of a criminal. You will collect evidence, search, and interview, interrogate and apply various investigation methods. The successful candidate will be able to employ modern scientific techniques in order to determine and illuminate the truth about how a crime occurred.


1)      Process crime scenes by performing scene recognition, scene documentation and evidence collection

2)      Operate within the applicable laws governing the investigations

3)      Thoroughly document scenes and gather potential evidences (physical, specimens, documents, photographs, statements etc)

4)      Examine and evaluate evidence for conflicting interpretations and resolve issues

5)      Draft detailed investigative reports and present evidence to the Company.

6)      Identify, apprehend and prosecute the perpetrators

7)      Follow-up and recovery of uniform from deserters.


1)      Proven working experience as criminal investigator

2)      Hands-on experience with crime scenes analysis and forensic science

3)      Proficient in interpreting evidence and reconstructing events

4)      Ability to observe minute details and to produce detailed reports

5)      In depth knowledge of criminal law, rules and legislation

6)      Familiarity with all evidence types (e.g. circumstantial, direct, trace, hearsay etc) and the rules governing their admissibility

7)      Thorough understanding of the investigation process and the unique circumstances of each case

8)      Strong analytical skills along with good interviewing and interrogation skills

9)      Honest and ethical with high levels of integrity and confidentiality

10)  Diploma in forensic science, criminal law, criminology or relevant field

Qualified candidates to send their CV and appropriate documents to: [email protected]

By latest 24th September 2017