Customer Service Manager Job,Kenya


Job Description

Customer Service Manager

Job Location: First year in Beijing, China, then back to Nairobi, Kenya.
Position Description: Assist the Manager to deal with customer service affairs in the Africa Customer Service Department.
Main Duties and Responsibilities for the First Year in Beijing:
Contact Africa customers regularly about their concerns, or any problem on the scanner site.
Accompanying some customers to visit different places Beijing when they come to the city.
Assist the trainer in the scanner operations training, scanner maintenance training.
Translation of some technical document, such as scanner operation manuals.
Deal with daily affairs in the office, such as to help some colleagues apply for the visas.
Any other work assigned by the manager.

Main Duties and Responsibilities When back to Nairobi, Kenya:
Manage the aftersales affairs in Kenya.
Promotion and sales of some types of NUCTECH products, such as baggage scanners.


  • Bachelor’s degree, or above, majored in science and engineering
  • Two years of experience or more in customer service or sales of electrical products or similar experience.
  • A positive and sincere attitude and good communicational skills, flexible to respond to a range of different work situations under pressure.
  • Candidates who speak a second language, such as French, are more preferable.


  • Job function in Nairobi might vary due to the Company’s strategy in the future.
  • Candidates should indicate their Current & Expected Salary.
  • Candidates should have a valid passport.
  • Applicants should be willing to relocate to Beijing China in the first year before relocating back to the Kenyan office.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send their applications to: