Cytonn Independent Software Associate Job


Cytonn Independent Software Associate Job

Job Type
:   Contract
Job Category
:   Software Development
Closing Date
:   January 1st, 2020
:   Nairobi

Cytonn Technologies (CT) is the Technology affiliate of Cytonn Investments, an alternative investments management firm with offices in Nairobi – Kenya and the D.C. Metro Area in the US. Cytonn Technologies is a respected technology solutions provider that offers innovative, differentiated and efficient technology products and support, web-based solutions and integrated business solutions.

Cytonn Technologies invites software engineers who are passionate about technology and software development to join Cytonn as adjunct developers who will contribute to some of its projects working closely with Cytonn Software Engineers. This opportunity is open to developers who are passionate about software and can deliver quality code that will meet Cytonn standards. With the realization that many great developers are not able to join Cytonn on a full time basis, this opportunity is flexible and enables one to work from anywhere. It is also open to students who want to gain industry experience while still in school. Once accepted into the program, developers will be given access to a special website on which Cytonn engineers will be posting code challenges or projects that associates will be able to bid for.


  1. Analyze business problems and develop algorithms
  2. Build clean and well tested software adhering to Cytonn technologies standards
  3. Package and deliver code for review by Cytonn engineers
  4. Research on specific requirements and develop solutions for Cytonn
  5. Provide documentation for any code developed for Cytonn


  1. Thorough knowledge of at least one web programming language preferably PHP with Laravel Framework
  2. Thorough knowledge of JavaScript, knowledge of a JavaScript framework is an added advantage
  3. Github portfolio with at least 3 projects or open source packages in PHP or JavaScript
  4. At least 3 years development experience either as a freelance developer/consultant or a full time employee, with no less than 3 projects in your portfolio
  5. Knowledge of modern web technologies, excellent coding practices and familiarity with test driven development

Learning Opportunities

This is a great opportunity for engineers looking for experience in delivering enterprise software. The successful candidates will gain access to Cytonn engineers and will be able to work through typical business problems that will expose them to industry and upgrade their skills in the lucrative enterprise space.

In order to be successful in this adjunct position, candidates must send their github profiles that show the type of work that they have been doing. Additionally, they will need to share links to live projects that they have developed with clear indication of the role they played on those projects and the technologies they employed. The successful candidates will be free to work from anywhere at their own convenient times.

Applicants without a portfolio will not be considered.

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