Danish Refugee Job Vacancy : Intern – Systems Development



The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Horn of Africa and Yemen (HOAY) is in the process of strengthening the Monitoring & Evaluation systems within the DRC Country offices in the Region. As part of this process, a comprehensive programme M&E database is being established to help in the management of a broad range of data and information. In order to support this process we are seeking the services of an intern to work with the Database Systems Consultant in establishing the database.

The purpose of this internship is to provide technical and other related support services in setting up and operationalization of both the M&E database and the mobile data collection system as well as provide ongoing remote support to DRC teams in the various Country Offices participating in a pilot.

The Intern will be based at the DRC Regional Office but will spend most of the time in supporting DRC Somalia and other Country Programs in the roll out processes.

Key Responsibilities

  • Working with the Data Systems developer to upgrade the M&E database to meet the requirements of DRC Somalia and Regional Office for reporting and data/information management.
  • Liaise with DRC Somalia Country Office in defining, clarifying and collating system requirement needs with a view to providing the Systems developer with actionable information on the system requirements.
  • Work closely with the data systems developer by technically reviewing work progress and advising the Regional MEL Advisor on relevant actions that need to be undertaken.
  • Support the Regional MEL Advisor and DRC Country Offices in designing and scripting tools into mobile data collection platform using the approved software in accordance to the organization standards
  • Implement Quality Control measures during tool scripting by implementing auto data validations scripts and filters
  • Prepare, deploy and maintain mobile devices for data collection by ensuring the devices are deployed with required apps, optimized for maximum performance and meets the recommended specifications and security standards
  • Support data teams to oversee data collection process and access to platform backend for data retrieval
  • Implement a set of data quality control protocols to ensure data quality, as well as real-time backend data check and verification of collected field data
  • Perform data analysis on collected data using relevant data software as per required outputs for reporting purposes
  • Explore other mobile data collection options and provide technical support to the DRC Regional MEL Advisor in determining their appropriateness to the DRC Country Contexts.
  • Undertake any other assignments as may be directed from time to time by the DRC Regional MEL Advisor.

Reporting Arrangements

The Intern will work under the direct supervision of the DRC Regional MEL Advisor


Starts June 2016, for a period of 3 months


  • A Bachelor’s degree in computer science/Mathematics/Information Technology with data and research background. Post-graduation experience/exposure on establishment of databases and data application scripting with experience on ODK platforms will be an advantage.
  • Experience in working with statistical and qualitative databases such as NVIVO, STATA, SPSS etc.
  • Experience with Android mobile platform, app development, deployment and maintenance
  • Exposure to Monitoring and Evaluation process and procedures will be an advantage
  • Strong Experience in Mobile User Interface Design and Development
  • Exposure related to data security aspects of mobile client architecture and development desired
  • Ability to multi task and good time management skills
  • Ability to work on their own and as a part of the team
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) to liaise with various stakeholders
  • Able to competently coordinate and efficiently perform task remotely to meet desired deliverables

   How to Apply

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