Dotsavvy Social Media Manager Jobs


Dotsavvy has an immediate opening for a Social Media Manager to assist in the scheduling and maintaining of digital advertising campaigns for our growing digital advertising client base. A Social Media Manager at Dotsavvy works hand-in-hand with several departments internally and often interacts with our external clients and partners. A Social Media Manager is a key component in digital campaign execution and maintenance of existing business at Dotsavvy

Responsibilities for the Social Media Job

  • The primary focus of Social Media Manager at Dotsavvy is to produce compelling digital campaigns that meet targeted client goals. The Social Media Manager will need to be a self-motivated team member that is tasked with being highly organized and results driven while handling multiple client campaigns. The main focus for this role is ensuring success for all team members and our clients.
  • This role will focus on all aspects related to digital advertising, both search and digital display ads, with respect to materials collection, order entry, inventory maintenance, campaign optimization, advertiser reports and campaign effectiveness analysis. The Social Media Manager position will join a growing team of digital marketing experts to assist our digital advertising function in continued growth and client support. The primary tasks this role will take on will be:
  • Managing digital display campaigns as well as campaign optimization to improve campaign performance and report creation and analysis for our clients. This role will also manage our paid search engine marketing campaigns, providing optimization and campaign analysis. Additionally, this role will manage and optimize a variety of other digital marketing campaigns as our digital advertising offerings expand.

Qualifications for the Social Media Job

  • Degree in Business, Marketing, Advertising/Public Relations or similar field
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) as well as interpersonal, negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
  • Knowledge of digital and social media landscape
  • Relevant digital marketing certifications
  • 2+ Years working experience in digital campaign management

Desired Characteristics

  • Organization: You’re meticulously organized, not only in projects but in thoughts and time. You take the time to plan ahead and be proactive in all aspects of your job.
  • Ability to Multitask: You have a knack from being able to jump from project to project, all while understanding the bigger picture. You have the ability to quickly accomplish tasks while maintaining a high quality of work.
  • Problem-Solver: You’re able to see a solution to a problem that others didn’t even know existed. You often come up with multiple options to solve a problem and supersede the goal.
  • Customer-Centric: You provide stellar customer service and build long lasting relationships with clients while executing their digital campaigns at the highest standard of excellence. You are able to set expectations with your client and continuously hit deadlines and timelines established for all digital campaigns to help build trust and respect from our clients.

How to Apply

We are looking for highly creative, team-oriented people to join our growing Digital Agency. If you are digitally savvy person with excellent organization skills and knowledge of digital marketing tools and a desire to work for one of Kenya’s leading Digital Agencies send us an application, cover letter and CV to [email protected] with ‘Social Media Manager’ in the subject line of your email by the 20th of March 2017.