Driver Jobs In Kenya


Driver Job Vacancies at Alternate Doors, Kenya

Our Client is a serviced apartment currently recruiting Drivers.

Job description

  • Responsible for operating a vehicle and driving passengers tand from their destinations. Greets passengers, ascertains destination, watches for traffic signals, waits for passengers ttake them ttheir next destination.

Driver Job Responsibilities

  • Drive people from one place to another in a regular or luxury vehicle.
  • Figure out where passengers are going.
  • Ask for directions or determine directions on GPS.
  • Use knowledge of local streets and traffic patterns to avoid heavy traffic.
  • Pay tolls.
  • Vacuum and clean interior of car.
  • Pick up and throw away debris from passengers.
  • Wax and wash exterior of car.
  • Service car and determine if repairs are needed.
  • Get oil changed and fluids checked regularly.
  • Pick up people at their request.
  • Operate wheelchair lifts.
  • Answer requests treceive vehicle assignments.
  • Perform errands for clients.
  • Take passengers tairport or pick them up.
  • Carry packages and luggage.
  • Help passengers get in and out of car.
  • Make minor repairs and adjustments.
  • Clean walkways.
  • Wash and dry windows until they shine.
  • Put air in tires.



   How to Apply


  • If you feel you fit the above role ,please send your CV only quoting the job title on the email subject to [email protected]