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The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is a global leader in the fight against pediatric HIV and AIDS, working in 15 countries and at over 7,000 sites around the world to prevent the transmission of HIV to children, and to help those already infected.

EGPAF in Kenya is recruiting for a Logistics Officer reporting to the Country Implementation Manager and a dotted reporting line to Procurement Manager.

  •  The Logistics  Officer, UNITAID Project, is a detail oriented, self-motivated individual who will lead the country-level logistics and supply chain components of the UNITAID Project.
  • He/she will work alongside other country-level UNITAID project staff to ensure that POC EID products are registered in the country, cleared through customs (with duties exempted), inspected, entered into an inventory management system, distributed to project sites, tracked in an efficient manner, and support the response to any stock shortages that may arise.
  • He/she will work in collaboration with the Global UNITAID Project team, EGPAF Director of Operations and the UNITAID Project Implementation Manager in the country to design and implement systems for inventory management, cold chain, transportation management, and product storage as needed.
  • He/she will provide project POC EID sites with logistical support as needed throughout the duration of the four-year project.
  • He/she will also receive oversight and guidance from a UNITAID project Procurement Lead, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Logistics Job Responsibilities:

Supply chain management of POC EID products:

  • Works closely with the global UNITAID Project Procurement Lead and the UNITAID Project Country Implementation Manager to ensure products are accurately and timely quantified, forecasted, procured, shipped, imported, stored and distributed to targeted service delivery sites;
  • Guided by a solid grasp of applicable government, organizational and donor rules and regulations, provides guidance, advice and technical support for “cradle to grave” procurement and supply chain management for the UNITAID project;
  • Supports the implementation of policies, guidelines, tools – such as checklists and templates – and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to support effective and efficient quantification, procurement, distribution and disposal of POC EID products;
  • Coordinates with the UNITAID Project Country Implementation Manager and relevant local authorities to ensure all requirements for product registration are met in a timely manner;
  • Manages country-level logistics related to product importation, customs clearance, and required taxes/duties.
  • Provides confirmation of product receipt and inspection per standard operating procedures;
  • With guidance from the global UNITAID Project Procurement Lead, establishes or strengthens inventory management systems to track POC EID products from transport and handling to final destination; and to monitor and update stocks, distribution and pipeline information;
  • Maintains a complete and accurate inventory database and ensures proper inventory reports and controls are in place to accurately track UNITAID project POC EID product quantities, location and usage;
  • Utilizes the inventory management system to identify and report potential fraud or loss through a formal, established process;
  • Investigates and secures appropriate storage and transportation services for POC EID product distribution, including cold chain as needed—this may include negotiation with third party logistics providers;
  • Supports the gradual transition of POC EID products into the relevant national supply chain management system (e.g. national HIV supply chain) by the end of the UNITAID Project.
  • Is responsible for producing proper documentation of the UNITAID project’s transition, including required product transfer agreements;
  • Supports the gradual transition of POC EID products to be owned and maintained by the country by the end of the UNITAID Project
  • Ensures that procured products are imported, cleared through customs, received by project sites (documented in property transfer agreement), inspected per product standard checklist, stored, and distributed in compliance with national guidelines and standard operating procedures
  • Supports logistics planning and implementation and ensures availability and quality of specialist logistic input as required.

Infrastructure, service and maintenance support:

  • In collaboration with the UNITAID Project Country Implementation Manager, identifies  and ensures infrastructural improvements needed at health facilities for the use of POC EID products, such as improved access to internet, electricity/generators/batteries/solar power, or temperature control;
  • Monitors the condition and maintenance needs of POC EID products. In the event of product malfunction, reports this through the proper channels and takes corrective action to initiate repairs or replacements, as needed
  • Conducts visits to project sites as needed to ensure high performing and quality assured POC EID products

Other responsibilities:

  • Inform the line manager of any problems arising such as damage, loss, attempted break-ins or theft.
  • Recommend any additional logistics-related procedures/guidelines to the UNITAID Project Global and Country Teams for review, approval and adoption
  • Adhere to timelines and due dates for relevant deliverables as requested by the UNITAID Project global team
  • Use of logic, data, and contextual knowledge to ensure best value for money when negotiating service level agreements (when applicable)
  • Define the priorities and needs of the UNITAID project and organise logistical tasks accordingly (transport, movements, schedules, etc.).
  • Other duties as required

Required Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills for Logistics Job

  • Laboratory scientist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Laboratory Technology
  • Registration with relevant regulatory body
  • Training or certification in supply chain management or logistics is preferred
  • Three to five years’ experience working on laboratory supply chain management or logistics-related activities
  • Experience with customs clearance and international importation of products

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Uncompromising integrity
  • Relevant experience experience working with laboratory focal persons either at national or county level
  • Preference for candidates who have experience with laboratory supply chain management
  • Preference for candidates who have experience working in a donor-funded environment, preferably with a project procuring and distributing large quantities of health-related products.
  • Knowledge of commodity management tracking systems
  • Proven supply chain management and logistics skills
  • Customer service approach with excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong computer literacy, including excel skills and ability to lean new databases.
  • Strategic thinker
  • Able to work in teams, including local government staff
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability and willingness to travel locally, sometimes on short notice

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