Evidence Action Data Collection and Training Senior Associate Job-September 2015


Position: Senior Associate – Data Collection and Training

Reporting To: Manager – DQIS

Location: Kisumu, Kenya (with domestic and international travel)

A. About Evidence Action

Evidence Action is assuming management and growth responsibility for two programs tested and incubated at Innovations for Poverty Action that are currently making a difference in the lives of millions of people in Africa and Asia: the Deworm the World Initiative (DTW) and Dispensers for Safe Water Initiative (DSW).

Evidence Action scales proven development interventions and crafts resilient business models for long run success.
Dispensers for Safe Water: Each year, over 1.8 million children under the age of five die from diarrhea, a leading cause of which is unsafe drinking water. DSW is an entrepreneurial team tasked with scaling the Chlorine Dispenser System (CDS) – a proven innovation for dramatically expanding access to water treatment at extremely low cost.

DSW’s work is growing rapidly – we currently serve over 1 million people in Kenya, our primary country of operations, and plan to reach 25 million in the next 5 years. Our program has ambitious plans to expand in 2-3 countries in the coming 2 years.

Our work is based on strong proof of Chlorine Dispenser impact – a randomized controlled trial in Western Kenya demonstrated a six-fold increase in the number of households treating their water with chlorine.

Such a dramatic expansion in safe water usage will prevent over 1.4 million cases of diarrhea and 1,300 child deaths each year once we reach our Kenya target of 5 million people served.

Deworm the World Initiative The Deworm the World Initiative (DtWi) actively supports the scale-up of school-based deworming programs worldwide to improve children’s health, education, and long-term development.

B. About Monitoring Learning and Information Systems (MLIS) Team

The MLIS team embodies the evidence-based nature of Evidence Action’s work and enables us to be a data-driven organization.

The team provides services across Evidence Action Africa region in meeting the following outcomes:
All ongoing program monitoring needs met (including M&E design and quality data collection)
Programs delivered with access to timely and useful data for day-to-day programmatic planning and decision making
Analysis and research conducted to support program improvements (including operation research, market research and cost-efficiency analysis)
Support with timely, useful and clear information for evidence-based decision making (including provide support to connect the dots)
Support provided to regional leadership for new programs and partnerships for exploration and evaluation
Standards, systems and processes setup for delivery of all functions (monitoring, analysis, research, information systems and quality data)
The MLIS team works towards these outcomes through four sub-teams that work closely together to deliver quality, timely and useful information:
Learning and Communication (L&C): This team is responsible for supporting the program teams with timely information in innovative, useful and clear ways to translate analysis and research to evidence-based decision making and action.
Monitoring, Analysis and Research (MAR): This team is responsible for ensuring that all ongoing program monitoring needs are met and analysis and research is conducted to support program improvements.
Management Information Systems (MIS): This team is be responsible for ensuring that the all programs have access to timely and useful data for day-to-day programmatic planning and decision making through a cloud-based multi-user system.
Data Quality and Information Systems (DQIS): This team is responsible for ensuring access to quality and timely data to meet all ongoing program needs; including monitoring, information systems and analysis and research.
C. About the position

The Senior Associate
– Data Collection and Quality is a member of the DQIS sub-team and the larger MLIS team, and is responsible for ensuring the collection of quality data, across all Evidence Action scale up and Beta programs and countries of operation, which currently include Kenya, Uganda and Malawi, to meet ongoing program needs.

A critical part of achieving this is managing systems to ensure that the quality of data for all Evidence Action regional programs meet a high level of standard.

D. Description of duties

Manage and Lead Data Collection Activities:

  • Manage all types of program data collection activities as maybe assigned, including, field-based data collection and phone-based data collection for both quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Lead trainings for MLIS and program staff involved in data collection activities.
  • Support regular sampling of field activities for deployment and develop and support Data Collection Associates in the management of an efficient field schedule for all project field operations
  • Coordinate with the program team to ensure free flow of information for planning data collection, and maintain ‘instant feedback’ information systems as well as share information with the program team as required.
  • Support the development and review consistent data collection and back check tools/instruments as may be necessary
  • Through working with respective Associates, ensure that the field teams has all the required information, materials, finances and other supplies during deployment as necessary for field activities. Coordinate and plan for efficient and cost-effective data collection for all programs across countries
  • Support Data Collection and Quality Associates in field visit planning, logistics and day-to-day finances.
  • Identify and provide recommendations for innovative and cost-efficient methods of improving quality of data for programs and ensure that all DCT activities are budgeted for in close collaboration with AD – MLIS
  • Build and Manage systems and processes for delivery of quality data collection:
  • Work with Other MLIS and program teams to develop/review data collection tools for programs and MLIS needs.
  • Develop basic standards and best-practices for collecting; including conducting back-checks/spot-checks and documentation of field activities.
  • Manage and contribute to innovative systems and tools to train staff as stipulated in the MLIS staff training protocol.
  • Develop management guidelines for task management of Program-specific associates and M&E field staff
  • Support on the development of efficient logistics tools for the field teams
  • Assist in the development of DCT budget for all data collection needs
  • Manage DCT Data Collection team:
  • Directly supervise DCT Associates involved in data collection and data quality including approving their leaves, determining their workload and priorities, and arranging for their regular performance evaluations.
  • Working closely with the DCT Associates in the hiring and management process of field staff, including implementing and maintaining systems for tracking planned and actual tasks, deployment and feedback systems.
  • Provide mentorship to all staff involved in data collection activities across all programs, including working with program teams to train and manage all staff collecting data to ensure quality data collection.
  • Support Data Collection and Training Associates in receiving, addressing and responding to any field work related feedback from the field teams and Area Coordinators.
  • Support Manager DQIS in HR oversight process and provide recommendations to the MLIS leadership on all aspects of HR for the DCT data collection team.
  • Ensure that DCT data collection team members uphold and promote a service-oriented and client-driven approach to their relationships with programs.
  • Collaborate with other teams for improved service delivery to programs:
  • Collaborate closely with other sub-team members, especially the MAR sub-team, and the Programs, to ensure that useful and quality data is collected in a timely and cost-efficient fashion
  • Collaborate with DQIS survey design and programming team to make sure that all electronic data collection instruments are programmed in time and are aligned with data collection protocols.
  • Work with the IT team on establishing the right hardware and software requirements to collect timely and quality data, and also coordinate any hardware repairs and software updates in the course of using the procured devices.
  • Work closely with the procurement team to procure necessary material for data collection.

E. Qualification, Skills and Experience

  • A Bachelor’s or Masters degree in Data Management, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Social Sciences/Studies or any other related field
  • At least 3 years relevant working experience supervising data collection teams , developing paper and electronic surveys for mobile devices with a bias to Open Data Kit (ODK), and monitoring field data collection activities.
  • Excellent logistics, work planning, and budgetary skills
  • Good communication skills in English and Swahili, both written and verbal
  • Ability to write good reports and clearly communicate ideas
  • Excellent training skills and ability to develop well-structured easy to understand training manuals and document activities for future reference
  • Good working experience of Ms Office especially Ms Excel and Ms Powerpoint
  • Ability to mobilise a data collection team within the shortest time possible and deliver outcome within the shortest time possible.
  • Ability to train personel with varied academic qualification within both formal and informal setups
  • Good people management and leadership skills
  • Willingness to travel to the field offices frequently to supervise activities and help out when needed
  • Good conceptual skills with an analytical mind and problem solving skills
  • Team player capable of working with people in different locations embracing team work and aspires and supports the ideals of working in a team environment.
  • Passion to work in a rural community setting
  • Flexible mind set and willingness to take challenging assignments not within the scope of this position
  • Self-driven and highly motivated to deliver results within tight deadlines.

How to Apply

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Deadline to Apply: On a rolling basis