Evidence Action Job Vacancy : Senior Associate, Analysis




Evidence Action scales proven interventions that improve the lives of millions. We only implement cost-effective programs whose efficacy is backed by substantial rigorous evidence. We identify innovative, appropriate financing mechanisms and build best-practice operational models. We voraciously self-evaluate, learn, and improve our models for scaling effective interventions with a commitment to transparency, impact, and value for money.

Duties and responsibilities

Data Analysis

The Senior Associate Analysis will coordinate analysis and data management for all Evidence Action’s Beta research projects as well as other Evidence Action Scale up programs as needed. This area of responsibility includes:

  • Lead data analysis on key topics to inform programmatic decision-making in the areas of operations, cost effectiveness, coverage and uptake of interventions.
  • Identify and produce well-designed regressions, correlations, conditional means, and other statistical measurements to express the results of program data.
  • Explore, recommend, and utilize innovative research, analysis, and modeling tools
  • Maintain proper documentation of all analysis for ease of replication and explain methodology used in analysis.
  • Extracting meaning, through analysis that provides insightful interpretations of data.
  • Provide key analytical and knowledge inputs for academic and non-academic conference presentations, articles, policy briefs, memos and major proposals;
  • Contribute expansion decisions, and program improvements through the collection and analysis of key demographic and geospatial data;
  • Create and maintain cost and impact models for key program decisions and metrics.
  • Conceive of, develop and iterate info-graphics that successfully demonstrate program impacts and research results.

Lead Data Management:

  • Directly manage Associate(s) involved in data management and analysis of Evidence Action’s Beta and invest in their development
  • Implement procedures for data management and quality assurance including: periodic data downloads, data back-up, automated cleaning of raw data, transfer of data, storage and protection of hard-copy data.
  • Support the flow of digital data from the tracking tools to PDM to ensure that no data is lost, the number of surveys/forms collected each day is consistent with the records on the tracking document.
  • Work closely with the data collection and program teams to ensure that hard-copies are stored safely in a secure, well-organized, and well-documented repository, and the scanned paper data, where applicable, is stored safely
  • Support all data requests from the Beta team and other program teams as needed.
  • Highlight recurring data quality issues with a view of sharing the same with the affected data collection teams and individuals, and also informing when re-/training is necessary.
  • Document and build systems geared towards improving effectiveness of the Data Processing and Management team.

Key performance Indicators

  • Timely delivery of Clean and complete data for the Beta programs as needed.
  • Timely delivery of analysis to the Beta team as needed.
  • Develop and implement data management protocols for one-off projects.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in economics, statistics or another quantitative field
  • A minimum of 2 years’ work experience in a highly analytical and quantitative role
  • Extensive working knowledge with statistical software packages such as Stata, R, SPSS, SAS etc. with the ability to learn and adapt to new programs (experience with Stata & Excel are highly preferred)
  • A working knowledge of geospatial analysis in ArcGIS/QGIS and mobile phone survey programming experience in Open Data Kit preferred (at minimum, willingness to learn and independently acquire new technical skills)
  • Strong Data management and analysis skills
  • Extensive experience with data entry interfaces such as CSPro, EpiData and Access.
  • Outstanding experience with mobile phone survey programming in Open Data Kit, and other survey programming languages such as Blaise.
  • Working familiarity with bulky text services such as FrontlineSMS, EchoMobile etc
  • A working knowledge or familiarity of geospatial analysis in ArcGIS/QGIS and mobile phone survey
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills to work effectively with a team that is geographically dispersed
  • Self-directed/self-motivating personality, with proven ability to manage demands from multiple supervisors while adhering to program deadlines and priorities
  • Strong critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Intellectual flexibility and willingness to form and adjust opinions based on evidence
  • Quick to learn, motivated to self-teach and capable of independently translating new knowledge into practice
  • Willingness to travel


How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Evidence Action career website on evidenceaction.bamboohr.com to apply