Graduate Trainee Jobs in Kenya


Do you believe that traditional approaches to placement are ineffective and time consuming? That the whole process has become frustrating for employers and de-moralizing for job seekers? Are you passionate about unlocking professional potential?


Shortlist, a funded recruiting technology startup, is looking for a highly motivated, strategic, and self-driven individual to join the team as a Business Operations Associate. You will be plugging in right-away to help run and optimize our unique technology-driven recruitment process. You will have responsibility for supporting up to a dozen searches at a time, working closely with candidates and the Shortlist operational team to deliver the best matches for each job search.


We’re building the plane while flying it, so you will be responsible for any number of tasks to help us achieve our goals. We’re looking for someone with a background in Sales and/or Customer Care who wants to make a switch and get their hands dirty at a fast growing startup.


At Shortlist, we are re-inventing the way startups, social enterprises, and small businesses can find and engage with the best professional managerial talent. Using multi-channel sourcing and an online assessment platform, we find the best fits for a given role, providing employers a “Shortlist” of the best candidates to interview. We offer job seekers a vastly improved experience and an opportunity to demonstrate real ability and skills.


Detailed responsibilities:


Support ongoing client engagements with oversight from business and operations teams:

  • Configuration, customization and set up of search with operations team
  • Sourcing and engagement with right candidates, ensuring high application rates
  • Overseeing assessment, evaluation and Shortlisting of candidates


Be an integral member of a fast-growing startup team:

  • Help out in business development, product development, and operations as needed
  • Assist in recruitment efforts for Shortlist operational and recruiting team
  • Contribute to the culture and energy of the team as we grow

Does this sound like you?


  • Strategic and analytical – an ability to see and connect things at a high level.
  • Eye for detail and operational efficiency – relentlessly detail orientated, obsessed with tracking and measuring, able to connect threads and dependencies in complex products.
  • Ownership and project management – managed large and complex projects with multiple moving pieces, functions, and individuals involved. Proven ability to plan at a high level, and execute on the ground.
  • User and experience orientated – able to see put yourself in another’s shoes, simplify, provide context, and empathize with challenges faced by them.
  • Passion and curiosity – demonstrated passion for something in your professional or personal life. Something you had to learn and explore for yourself. If it happens to be hiring, recruitment, and human capital – all the better!
  • A team player – able to work with a diverse and globally distributed team. Able to listen, build on ideas constructively and motivate people towards common objectives.
  • A fantastic communicator – Able to communicate complex ideas simply. Able to interact with job seekers and senior management at hiring companies.
  • A doer – Talking is good. Doing is better. Track record of rolling up your sleeves to actually get things done in ambiguous circumstances. Planning is good. Overthinking, not so much.

How to Apply

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