Inventory Accountant Job. Pwani Feeds


Inventory Accountant Job At Pwani Feeds

Our company wishes to employ a mature, well-seasoned inventory accountant to handle accounting functions for a business relating to the cost of inventory, meaning merchandise and materials on hand.

The incumbent will determine inventory accounting methods, analyze inventory reports and monitor all inventory transactions. He/she must work well with others and be capable of meeting deadlines.

Inventory Accountant Job Responsibilities

  • The accountant will be responsible for monitoring all inventory transactions and must understand different types of inventory methods–such as the average cost method; last-in, first-out (LIFO); and first-in, first-out (FIFO)–and assist in choosing the best method for the company.
  • The inventory accountant will also assist in organizing physical inventory/stock counts.
  • The accountant will oversee the whole process of physical stock taking and ensure this entire process is done efficiently and accurately.
  • The Inventory accountants must understand and put into practice the process of recording raw goods, overhead costs and variable costs.
  • This professional is responsible for determining inventory costs so that the accountants in other divisions can determine selling prices for goods. To do this, the cost accountant must possess accurate bookkeeping skills.
  • He or She should be able to analyze reports and ensure that transactions related to inventory are posted correctly. He or She will monitor these reports to find ways of reducing costs for the company.
  • With inventory, there are often counts of variances; the inventory accountant should be able to review these reports, along with actual inventory, to record these variances.
  • The Inventory Accountant should investigate variances that seem out of line, to avoid fraud within the company.

Qualifications For Inventory Accountant Job

  • B COM – Accounting option
  • CPA (K)
  • At least 4 Years’ hands on experience with Inventory Accounting in a manufacturing company
  • Member of ICPAK
  • Good understanding of GAAP
  • Age – 26-35 years

If you meet the above qualifications please forward your application and CV to [email protected], giving details of your current and expected salary. The application should reach us not later than close of business 31st August 2016.