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Investment Analyst Job At Cytonn Investments

Cytonn Investments is an independent investment management firm, with offices in Nairobi – Kenya and D.C.  To manage its rapid growth, the company is looking for highly motivated, dynamic, hardworking and self-driven team player to join the team in the Investment Department.

Investment Analyst Job Purpose

The position will afford the individual a unique opportunity to participate in both a strong incentive structure and a clear path to a fulfilling career in Investments Management.

Skills Required

  • Strong communication skills (both written and oral)
  • Good analytical and quantitative reasoning
  • Strong organizational and time management skills -ability to adhere to deadlines, multi-task and be able to prioritize.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with demonstrated creativity & innovation in business
  • Ability to learn quickly and manage workload, work effectively under pressure in demanding environment.
  • Knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office, with exceptional skills in Microsoft excel

Investment Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • Investment analysis on fixed income, equities, real estate and private equity
  • Modelling, valuation and researching on companies and presenting them to investment to committee
  • Analysing company accounts, profit and loss sheets and cash flow information on release of quarterly, half yearly and annual results
  • Interpreting complicated financial information
  • Writing financial and investment research summaries and topics for Cytonn weekly newsletter
  • Regularly meeting with public companies’ top management
  • Making informed recommendations from valuation and analysis of companies
  • Keeping detailed knowledge about the Kenya micro and macroeconomic environment and financial markets up-to-date

Qualifications For Investment Analyst Job

  • At least 2 years’ experience in an investment management environment
  • Must have achieved at least a B+ or equivalent in high school
  • A graduate degree, with a minimum 2nd Class, Upper Division in Accounting, Finance or a business related course
  • Applicant required to be a candidate in the CFA program with a strong financial background.

Closing Date: July 1, 2016


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