Jacaranda Health Job Vacancy : Research and Impact Evaluation Lead


The Research and Impact Evaluation Lead will work with world-class academic partners to design, test, and evaluate at scale new models for maternity and newborn health service delivery – in Jacaranda’s facilities as well as in our growing network of public sector partner hospitals. This work will include helping Jacaranda Health as a leading center for implementation science research in maternal and newborn health in East Africa.


We seek someone who can combine research and M+E excellence with project management and external partnership building. Someone with exceptional quantitative analytical skills and a passion for designing and applying impact evaluation methods to real-world implementation science research questions. The scope of work will include developing a network of local and international researchers who will collaborate with Jacaranda to conduct implementation science research to answer pressing questions in maternity care delivery; overseeing Jacaranda’s own monitoring and evaluation activities (setting our strategy for evaluating impact and supporting program managers with useful and timely data to improve program performance); and developing novel methods for evaluating impact in our quality improvement partnerships with government hospitals.

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  • Build systems and standards for impact measurement at Jacaranda, and manage all ongoing program monitoring and impact evaluation of programs and initiatives (including M&E design and overseeing quality data collection conducted by in-house team)
  • Analyze, prepare, and disseminate M&E data for practical use by program managers for program improvement, and support development and reporting of key metrics to partners and funders
  • Manage a team of M&E Associates & Fellows, including guiding performance objectives, training, and mentorship to all M&E team members
  • Coordinate academic research partnerships (including developing a strategic plan for Jacaranda’s research activities, identifying and securing research partnerships, identifying and securing funding for implementation science research)
  • Lead Jacaranda’s strategy to build a center for maternal health implementation science in East Africa, including driving all program activities and strategy for the center and establishing key research partnerships and affiliations
  • Support Jacaranda’s influence in the maternal and child health landscape through publication of academic papers and presentation at conferences

Desired Skills and Experience

Qualifications and Experience

  • Advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in public health, statistics, social sciences research, or related field
  • Minimum 3+ years of relevant work experience in quantitative analysis, research and/or monitoring and evaluation, with work experience in East Africa preferred
  • Exceptional communication and project management skills – you will be serving as a consultant and liaison with outside research partners and the broader Jacaranda team
  • Strong technical ability in a variety of evaluative science methodologies, including mixed methods research
  • Highly-motivated, results-oriented leader
  • Experience developing research protocols for IRB review and managing IRB correspondence and requirements
  • Proficiency in quantitative statistical analysis, with demonstrated experience in one or more of these software: Stata, SPSS, SAS, or R
  • Passionate about social impact and applying rigorous research methods to real-world challenges and questions
  • Two-year minimum commitment required

How to Apply

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