Kemri Research Officer-ESRC Job, Earn Over Ksh144,000 Per Month



Reference Number: 100217-ROESRC

Category: Other

Grade: 7.01

Location: NAIROBI

Country: Kenya


OVERALL JOB PURPOSE:To support and undertake research activities as part of the Infection Prevention and Control and Antibiotic Stewardship in Kenyan Hospitals’ study. The study aims to generate in-depth knowledge of the health system traits and behaviors that need to be understood prior to formulation of interventions to improve infection prevention and control and antibiotic stewardship in Kenyan hospitals and neonatal units in particular, and to identify indicators for use in monitoring and evaluation of interventions. A Research Officer is needed to work closely with study investigators to help plan, implement and deliver high-quality research. The position requires a competency in task management, experience in qualitative research methods including documentation review, and familiarity with qualitative data collection techniques, including use of interviews, observation of practice and stakeholder engagement. The post requires continued interaction and discussions with hospitals partaking in the study and relevant stakeholders in Kenya, including government officers, hospital managers and healthcare professionals amongst other.


Principal Investigator and Project Supervisors






Some responsibility for ICT hardware management to support data collection activities.


  • Work closely with study investigators to help plan, deliver and report qualitative research activities;
  • Carry out desktop research/ documentation reviews and help prepare/ draft write-ups as may be required for inclusion in study progress reports, presentations/seminars and publications;
  • Help develop data collection tools and contribute to documentation of protocols and SOPs;
  • Work with study investigators to systematically identify and engage stakeholders in study activities and discussions, and help maintain a database of contacts with regular updates;
  • Help organise consultative and co-production workshops with stakeholders and meetings with hospitals partaking in the study;
  • Help plan and deliver interviews to key-informants, hospital managers and healthcare professionals;
  • Help provide feedback to participant hospitals and adopt a liaison role with facilities, professional groups, stakeholders and county health teams;
  • Help maintain an electronic repository of evidence from qualitative research activities including ensuring regular updates, cleaning, backups and archiving;
  • Ensure compliance with programme ICT policies that span data storage and confidentiality principles amongst other;
  • Participate in execution of research activities involving observation of infection prevention and control practice in hospitals in Nairobi City County – this work may involve spending time in health facilities occasionally including nights and/or weekends as required;
  • Participate in the collection, processing, compilation and analysis of qualitative study data – including transcripts of interviews and group discussions – and ensure all related records and reports are handled and managed in line with study protocols;
  • Contribute to any other duties commensurate with experience, which may be assigned from time to time.


  • Master of Science or equivalent qualification in relevant discipline (e.g. social sciences; psychology; other);
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Social or Health Sciences (Psychology; Pharmacy, etc.);
  • At least 3 years work experience;
  • Familiarity with qualitative data and research;
  • Training in / exposure to systematic documentation reviews;
  • Understanding of medical terminology and practice;


  • An understanding of psychology, behavioural psychology and/or social sciences;
  • Ability to link with research colleagues and professional attitude towards engaging with stakeholders and/or professional groups from multiple backgrounds;
  • Training in / exposure to interview planning, conduct and analysis;
  • Previous exposure to hospital environments
  • Ability to work with limited supervision;
  • Ability to meet deadlines.


  • Highly organised and structured approach to work;
  • Familiarity with documentation review procedures, procedures for conduct and analysis of interviews and data resultant from group discussions;
  • Willingness to travel throughout Nairobi and other counties in Kenya, to spend time in healthcare facilities as required, and to liaise with multiple stakeholders and hospital staff partaking in the study;
  • Comfortable with interpreting standard operating procedures and applying these to data collection;
  • Excellent communication skills, providing regular updates to colleagues and promptly replying to emails;
  • Ability to interact well via email and skype with local and overseas staff;
  • Interest in behavioural aspects of health systems research;
  • Responsible timekeeping and reliable;
  • Good computer skills;
  • Good and clear writing and presentation skills.

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