Kemri Senior Data Manager Jobs,Salary ove Ksh150,000



Reference Number: 230217-SDM

Category: Statistics and Data Management

Grade: 7.01

Location: NAIROBI

Country: Kenya


JOB PURPOSE:To provide technical and managerial leadership in the area of data capture, data quality, data archiving and data governance in support of multiple research teams based in Nairobi that are part of the  KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme. The post-holder would be expected to improve/develop policies and systems that guide the work of data managers linked to research teams and work in collaboration with senior data managers in Kilifi to harmonise policies and systems where possible. They will also collaborate with the head of ICT in the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme and the ICT team in Nairobi to ensure optimal data storage and data security. They will have a role in advising researchers on appropriate software to manage data processes with a focus on Open Source solutions where possible and in managing data collection hardware. They will help train and supervise more junior data managers. Over time they will help prepare systems that support data sharing.


Director of the Nairobi Programme


Will help supervise and manage different research teams’ data management personnel and take a leadership role in ensuring good practice and policy development.




Some responsibility for developing budgets to support data management activities and management of ICT hardware maintenance to support data collection and planning for updates / additions


  • Technical leadership in data management / security and procedures for optimising data archiving in line with best practice
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Management / support of junior data managers
  • Technical input on data management and other relevant software
  • Technical management with ICT of data archiving hardware and system


  • Revise / develop policies for data management and data governance in collaboration with data mangers in Kilifi and the ICT team
  • Implement existing and new policies and facilitate data governance arrangements as guided by the data governance committee
  • Developing data curation and archiving systems that enable storage of and access to all databases used by or created by research teams together with all supporting documentation
  • Supervise & mentor data management teams, and help conduct appraisals of junior staff as appropriate
  • Prepare, update and document data management systems requirements; overseeing junior data managers’ design of data capturing systems and formulation of reports
  • Developing systems and tools for collecting, entering, editing, cleaning, storing, validation, archiving, retrieving, organizing, and transferring of data.
  • Documenting system and data management procedures and processes in manuals / SOPs as needed and updating them periodically to ensure continuity of operations
  • Conducting data queries as requested and reporting on data available
  • Developing and implementing processes and procedures for data sharing in collaboration with the wider KWTRP
  • Implementing and enforcing regular data security activities such as storage, backups, archiving and user administration and resolving queries that arise
  • Liaising closely with programmers to help optimise creation of databases
  • Manage data collection hardware with ICT and ensure appropriate use of data management software
  • Responsible for helping with training, supervising and managing Nairobi’s data management and processing teams


  • Master’s Degree in Data/Information Management, Computer Science or equivalent
  • At least three years’ and up to 6 years’ experience as a Data Manager.
  • Demonstrated competence in information management
  • Excellent skills in systems analysis, data management, database design and structures
  • Excellent computing skills, including LINUX, RECap and R and other Open Source software
  • Experience in managing multisite, distributed data collection and integration
  • Experience of developing system documentation
  • Business analysis and basic SQL skills
  • Ability to handle large databases and troubleshoot issues involving complex data integration
  • Expert knowledge of maintaining and debugging live software systems and of writing and editing program documentation.


  • Prior work related to health care
  • Solid understanding and experience with MySQL, PHP, Java. Knowledge on Python would be an added advantage.
  • Prior experience of data governance
  • Good knowledge of R


  • Understanding of database design and maintenance, quality control and data cleaning
  • Well-developed troubleshooting capacity and clarity of thought
  • Have high energy, clear goal orientation and strong work ethics
  • Strong organisation skills with the ability to prioritise workloads and work within tight deadlines
  • Excellent customer support and communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment and to multi-task
  • Ability to interact with users/ office colleagues in simple non-technical language
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (verbal and written)
  • Team worker, able to work in a multi-cultural environment and with multi-disciplinary teams