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The Kenya Methodist University is a chartered private university founded by the Methodist Church in Kenya. It is situated within woodland on the north eastern slopes of Mount Kenya, five kilometres from Meru Town.

Deputy Vice Chancellor – Finance And Administration

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationPhD/Fellowship
  • Experience10 years
  • Location Nairobi
  • Job Field Administration / Secretarial   Education / Teaching   Finance / Accounting / Audit


The suitable candidate should have the following qualifications and experience:
• Be a Professor or Associate Professor of a recognized University with at least 10 years experience in a senior academic and management position or with proven experience in          executive leadership position in an institution of comparable status.
• Proven record of resource mobilization and financial management.
• Evidence of professional training in leadership, management and governance.
• Experience in institutional leadership that will spearhead the realization of the University Vision.
• Have a successful track record in the management of financial, human and physical resources at top management level.
• Demonstrate evidence of outstanding communication ability, coupled with excellent presentation skills.
• Conversant with national laws, policies in education and National and International Visions.
• Demonstrate a high degree of result oriented performance characterized by foresight, strategic thinking and service delivery.
• Proven experience in change management and transformation of ideas into desired outcomes.
• Be of the highest ethical standards and professionalism in line with Chapter VI of the Kenya Constitution
• Be a committed Christian

Duties and Responsibilities

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration) will be the Principal assistant to the Vice Chancellor in the day to day running of the Finance, Administration, Planning and Development functions of the University. His/her responsibility will include:
• Implement procurement, financial control policies and procedures to ensure effective performance and delivery of services.
• Coordinate the design, implementation, revision and evaluation of the University’s strategic plan.
• Develop appropriate procedures and ensure compliance to all statutory and legal requirements in general administration and finance within the University.
• Develop systems and procedures to attract, develop and retain qualified and experienced staff, manage the appraisal system and ensure good work ethos and adherence to            KeMU’s code of conduct.
• Develop and oversee the implementation of the University plans and budget.
• Prudent and sound administration of the University finances.
• Human Resource Management (Staff recruitment, retention, & Development).
• Catering and accommodation services.
• Ensure provision of healthcare services for staff and students.
• Manage Central Estates and Transport services.
• Any other duties that may be assigned by the Vice Chancellor from time to time.

Deputy Vice Chancellor – Academic

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationPhD/Fellowship
  • Experience10 years
  • Location Nairobi
  • Job Field Education / Teaching

The applicant must have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Be a Professor or Associate Professor and holder of an earned Doctorate degree or equivalent qualification from a University recognized in Kenya.
    • Must have at least ten (10) years of academic and research experience at senior level and possess demonstrated leadership in an academic and or research institution.
    • Have thorough knowledge in the structural, legislative and regulatory framework for administering University Education in Kenya.
    • Have good understanding of Governance structures, strategic planning and Vision 2030.
    • Must demonstrate proven experience in policy making, strategic planning, developing and implementation of relevant and quality market driven academic programmes.
    • Able to promote institutional linkages and scholarship.
    • Must show good understanding for the promotion of learning, excellence in teaching, research and innovation.
    • Must have a good track record of successful change management.
    • Be of highest ethical standards, integrity, accountability and professionalism, teamwork and stewardship, and comply with the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution.

Duties and Responsibilities
The successful candidate will:

  • Ensure effective management and implementation of academic and research activities in the University.
    • Provide leadership and supervisory oversight to the academic staff and students.
    • Prepare and present teaching and research programs to the Senate for approval and oversee implementation.
    • Develop and implement quality assurance policy.
    • Promote a learning environment that is supportive of the University mission and vision through student-centered services.
    • Working closely with other Deputy Vice Chancellors on staff development, training and research programmes.
    • Guiding Chairpersons of Departments, Deans of schools and Directors of Campuses on running of academic programmes.
    • Co-ordination of examinations, admissions, registration of students, and general student campus life.
    • Ensuring that the University Senate is properly advised in the development of academic programmes in conformity to ethical standards and legally recognized professional            bodies.
    • Facilitate the development, review, and revision of academic programmes in line with the University Vision and Strategic Plan.
    • Ensure the development of relevant and market driven programmes to enhance employability.
    • Develop internal and external academic linkages with industry institutions and other relevant bodies that benefit the university in one way or another.

Registrar – Administrative And Finance Division

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationPhD/Fellowship
  • Experience3 years
  • Location Nairobi
  • Job Field Administration / Secretarial   Education / Teaching   Finance / Accounting / Audit


  • Must possess PhD in a relevant field from a recognized institution;
    • Must have at least three (3) years’ work experience in a recognized University or its equivalent or research institution;
    • Should have ability to lead, guide, coordinate and facilitate strategic planning processes;
    • Should demonstrate skills in organizing resources and establishing priorities;
    • Should demonstrate skills in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures,
    formulating policy, and developing new strategies and procedures;
    • Should be able to develop and administer various human resources plans and procedures for all University Human Resource Capital;
    • Must show ability to demonstrate progressive leadership experience in Human Resource,
    Planning, Financial, Information and Physical resources as applicable in a University environment;

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reports to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Finance & Administration) and is responsible for the supervision and management of all administrative and operational functions of the        office of the Registrar;
    • Supervises staff in the Division;
    • Supports the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Finance & Administration) in the strategic planning and guidance in the development, coordination and implementation of physical              infrastructure and modernization projects in the University;
    • Supports the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Finance & Administration) in the Identification and assessment of capital projects for renovation, repair and maintenance;
    • Provides timely and accurate information to the University for planning and managerial decision-making;
    • Compiles and analyses statistical data for use in general planning, strategic planning, and budgeting and sundry management requirements;
    • Monitors resources allocation and utilization in line with the plans of the University;
    • Services matters such as appointments, promotions, retirement, disciplinary action, sanction of leave, incentive pertaining to both teaching and non-teaching staff;
    • Coordinates the design, implementation and maintenance of appropriate human resources policies, procedures and systems that attract and retain qualified and experienced          humanresource;
    • Coordinates the achievement of key performance indicators in the University;
    • Performs other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration.

Registrar – Academic

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationPhD/Fellowship
  • Experience3 years
  • Location Nairobi
  • Job Field Education / Teaching


  • Must possess a PhD in a relevant field from a recognized institution;
    • Must have at least three (3) years’ work experience in a recognized University or its equivalent or research institution at a senior level;
    • Must have proven evidence of academic leadership;
    • Training in management and leadership will be an added advantage.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reports to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) and supervises staff in the Division;
    • Is responsible for effective administrative systems in Academic division;
    • Supports the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) in the formulation of policy guidelines on planning, development and management of academic programmes;
    • Coordinates preparation of curricula/syllabus, and rules and regulations governing the implementation of academic programmes;
    • Ensures the integrity, accuracy and security of academic records of current and former students;
    • Facilitates effective students’ admission, registration and enrollment;
    • Supervises the process of credit transfer, verification and certification of academic qualifications of students seeking admission;
    • Develops accurate and secure students data files and sets policy and procedures for their responsible use;
    • Maintains up-to-date course schedules, catalogues, final examination schedules;
    • Manages efficient use of classrooms and lecture theaters;
    • Coordinates production and issuance of official Academic transcripts and certificates;
    • Counsels and advises Students, Chairmen of Departments, Deans of Faculties, Directors of Schools/ Institutes/Campuses on the running of academic programmes and related
    • Interprets and enforces policies and regulations of the University touching on academic matters;
    • Works closely with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) to ensure teaching staff development and training programmes are implemented;
    • Performs other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs).

Campus Principal

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationPhD/Fellowship
  • Experience3 years
  • Location Nairobi
  • Job Field Education / Teaching

Specific Duties

  • Developing and implementing strategic plans, annual work programmes, budgets, business/marketing and investment plans as well as maintaining efficient and effective              financial management systems and ensuring their overall economic and effective implementation;
    • Providing overall Campus leadership and support on all academic, administrative and financial management by ensuring adherence to the academic calendar and deadlines for        submission of all reports required by University Management;
    • Coordinating and providing continuous institutional and on the job staff training and development in liaison with the University management to ensure continued effective            performance of staff in line with the University policy;
    • Upholding high standards of academic teaching and learning at the campus;
    • Chairing Campus meetings and other statutory committees as designated by University Management;
    • Ensuring that university programmes are adhered to;
    • Monitoring the development and implementation of Academic Regulations in the Campus;
    • Managing the implementation of Performance Management System for all staff in the campus and ensuring that their performance is appropriately monitored and evaluated.


  • Proven leader with academic and managerial standing at senior university management level;
    • Should possess a PhD from a reputable University in their discipline and should be at least a Senior Lecturer;
    • Must have relevant experience with at least three years of experience working as Head of department, Dean of faculty or equivalent at a reputable academic institution;
    • Possess a clear vision for the further development of the University campus;
    • Exhibit entrepreneurial drive and ability to attract other resources for the development of the campus;
    • Demonstrate ability to motivate and retain highly skilled and talented staff in all categories, teaching and non-teaching;
    • Demonstrate interpersonal and team building skills among staff, students and university’s stakeholders;
    • Possess proven skills of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)

Director, Research And Innovation

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationPhD/Fellowship
  • Experience3 years
  • Location Nairobi
  • Job Field Education / Teaching


  • Must hold an earned Ph.D. from a recognized University;
    • Have at least ten (3) years of academic experience at a senior position in a University setting with a demonstrated capacity for leadership and academic excellence;
    • Possess an outstanding and internationally recognized scholarship record as evidenced by peer-refereed journal publications and university level books or book chapters;
    • Have ability and leadership skills to effectively co-ordinate teaching and research functions in the University;
    • Demonstrated ability to attract research grants and other awards;
    • Have demonstrated competence in academic leadership in an academic/research environment;
    • Have excellent understanding of current trends in university education, research and training globally and the factors and conditions shaping development of university                  education and research in Kenya;
    • Be an accomplished researcher with demonstrated experience to establish networks;
    • Demonstrate ability in networking, fundraising, resource mobilization and fund management.

Duties and responsibilities

  • To have the overall responsibility of direction, organization and administration of research and innovation;
    • To develop, formulate and implement appropriate policies that promote research infrastructure;
    • To coordinate workshops and seminars on outreach programmes and technology transfer;
    • To plan, coordinate, administer and provide logistical support for research at all levels;
    • To coordinate research activities and source for research funds;
    • To promote and coordinate research, proposals development, scientific publications, innovation, extension and technology transfer to industry and business community;
    • To develop strategic alliances with the two levels of Government, industry, and local and international research institutes;
    • To protect and promote intellectual assets, commercialization, dissemination and publication of research output;
    • To create and manage research database and archives;
    • To fund raise and undertake other resource mobilization activities for research and related activities;
    • To build research capacity among staff and students;
    • To benchmark for research excellence and coordinate exchange of scholars;
    • To negotiate and manage research contracts and consultancies;
    • To ensure availability of suitable and adequate resources for proper delivery of research and outreach programmes of the University;
    • To ensure effective accountability to the Vice-Chancellor for the proper management of the Research and Innovation Division;
    • To ensure that the Senate is properly advised on the national and international research direction and development;
    • To drive the University research agenda in line with the University and Country, regional and international vision.
    • To promote research, innovation and extension culture in the University;
    • To institutionalize collaborative research and outreach programmes in the University;
    • To carry out such other duties and responsibilities as may be delegated by the Vice Chancellor.

Director, University Advancement

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationPhD/Fellowship
  • Experience3 years
  • Location Nairobi
  • Job Field Education / Teaching


  • Must possess a PhD in a relevant field from a recognized institution;
    • Must have at least three (3) years’ work experience in a recognized University or its equivalent or research institution;
    • Should have ability to lead, guide, coordinate and facilitate fundraising, outreach and collaboration activities;
    • Should demonstrate skills in organizing resources and establishing priorities;
    • Should demonstrate ability to spearhead the internationalization of the university;
    • Should have proven record of working with funders and partners;
    • Should have experience in grant writing and evidence of funded projects and initiatives;
    • Should have proven networking and collaborative ability;

Duties and responsibilities

  • Reporting to the Vice –Chancellor;
    • Support the university in the implementation of the Strategic Plan in the key priority areas related to university advancement;
    • Will work with the Senior Management team in fundraising for university operations and development;
    • Will build and maintain strong strategic linkages with the industry, research organizations, foundations and development partners;
    • Will develop opportunities for exchange programmes for staff and students;
    • Will provide leadership, direction, and coordination to strengthen and expand the services provided by Advancement Office;
    • Will spearhead the internationalization agenda of the University;
    • Will monitor and create database for university resource mobilization opportunities and position the university strategically;
    • Will strategically align available resources that best leverage the talent and tools necessary to reach resource mobilization goals;
    • Will build, manage, and steward strong relationships with the University alumni ;
    • Will build strong collaborative partnerships and networks and maintain regular communications with all stakeholders;

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationMBA/MSc/MA
  • Experience5 years
  • Location Nairobi
  • Job Field Sales / Marketing

Duties and Responsibilities

• Develop a university marketing policy and strategy after a comprehensive market survey
• Plan, prioritize and schedule all marketing and branding work through an agreed upon marketing strategy
• Working hand in hand with the University Management to strategically coordinate all the aspects of marketing and advertising
• Provide leadership, strategic coordination to all aspects of marketing and advertising.
• Give leadership to the marketing team by fostering a highly functional group of professionals
• Work daily with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) to ensure smooth enrolment of new students
• A strong understanding of all aspects of digital marketing and social networking campaigns for student recruitment and retention
• Work collaboratively with the Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor to ensure brand integrity and continuity in articulating the mission, vision, and core values of the University.
• Implement and manage the development and production of marketing and communication materials for the University including admission brochures, new program content,          and other print/web needs as identified.
• Develop and strengthen online marketing and recruitment platform
• Initiate professional relationships with advertising professionals to achieve marketing objectives
• Liaison with University departments, schools and campuses to ensure that marketing and advertising needs are met and up to University standards.
• Work within the Office of the Vice-Chancellor to ensure that marketing strategies and activities are budgeted for adequately


  • Master’s degree required in a marketing related area.
    • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in all phases of marketing and advertising strategy and production; higher education marketing including direct and current experience with      student recruitment.
    • Strong leadership skills with the ability to work autonomously and as a part of a team.
    • Excellent knowledge and experience with marketing in online environments including expertise in analytics and online search strategy.
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Access, Outlook, and Excel
    • Skill and expertise in project management and effective communications in a complex organizational setting.
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
    • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
    • Membership with a relevant professional body will be an added advantage


How to Apply

Terms and conditions Terms and conditions of service for the above positions are contractual and applicants will be eligible for renewal based on the candidate’s individual satisfactory performance. The positions carry competitive remuneration packages, terms and benefits. The entry point for each position will depend on qualifications and experience of the applicant. Applicants should submit 3 copies of application with: Application letter, Detailed CV, Academic and professional Certificates and any other supporting documents. Clearly labelled and sealed applications should be addressed to Chairman of Council Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) P.O. Box 267-60200 Meru, Kenya The application should be dropped at the Chairman of Council’s office at the KeMU hub Koinange Street, Nairobi Kenya.

Recommendations from 3 referees should be sent separately to the address above on or before Friday 17th March, 2017 at 4.00PM