Kindergarten Teacher Jobs in Kenya



Kindergarten teachers are responsible for a child’s first education experience, so their role often stretches beyond just being a teacher. Their teaching focuses on introducing basic subjects and concepts, such as colors, shapes and basic math, but also includes encouraging social skills and student participation. The teacher will be responsible for pupils between the ages of 4-6 years.

Kindergarden Teacher Job Responsibilities

  • plan a program that helps each student achieve learning objectives and curriculum goals
  • prepare lesson materials and resources
  • select and use instructional methods and materials appropriate to the students and learning activities
  • utilize games, music, books, art, technology and other resources to teach basic skills and foster student development
  • adapt standard teaching methods to meet different student needs and interests
  • create a positive and appropriate classroom environment that is conducive to learning
  • establish and effect rules for acceptable behavior
  • apply and follow up on approved disciplinary interventions
  • Instruct children on personal hygiene practices and self-care
  • encourage cooperative social behavior through games and activities
  • observe, evaluate and record children’s social and academic progress
  • Provide constructive feedback to parents and administration through Parent-teacher Conferences etc.
  • prepare and distribute written reports
  • plan and order classroom equipment and supplies
  • ensure equipment and facilities are clean and safe
  • collaborate with other staff members to promote the general health of the school
  • perform required administrative duties including attending staff meetings
  • uphold the school code of conduct and all school policies, rules and procedures in a supportive and positive manner

Qualifications for the Kindergarden Teacher Job

  • 4-5 years teaching Experience
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Development or Equivalent (Higher)
  • First Aid and CPR certifications an advantage
  • previous teaching experience preferred
  • understanding and proficiency in relevant technology
  • knowledge of current educational and instructional methodologies and techniques

Key Competencies

  • communication skills
  • planning and organizing
  • problem-solving skills
  • judgment and creativity
  • adaptability and flexibility


How to Apply

If you meet the above qualifications, send you application to [email protected]