Machakos University Jobs Senior Admin Assistant I


(Research) Senior Administrative Assistant I Jobs at Machakos University

REF. MKsU/ANP/10/17

Job Description

This position reports to the Registrar Research and is responsible for ensuring efficiency in office support services and operations on a daily basis for quality service delivery.

Administrative Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • Supervise subordinate staff on a daily basis to ensure performance of duties in line with set work requirements
  • Offer regular correspondence to inquires made by various stakeholders within the university regarding specific issues such as established procedures, policies and practices so s to offer clarification on the same.
  • Participate in the regular preparation and dissemination of meetings’ agenda, notices and minutes so as to facilitate meetings for the department.
  • Facilitate the regular dissemination of decisions made by the department’s management team throughout the department as well as ensure implementation of the same
  • Engage in regular processing and forwarding of personnel matters within the department so as to inform the department’s management team on the same for decision making

How to Apply

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