MicroEnsure Job Vacancy : Operations Director ,Kenya


Job Description

Job description

The Operations Director – Africa, is responsible for developing, implementing and reviewing the operational delivery strategy and processes for MicroEnsure’s Africa operations, within the framework of MicroEnsure’s global operations strategy. The Operations Director will ensure that effective operational infrastructure, resources and processes are in place to support the delivery of new and existing programmes in the region and to support the development of new opportunities. He/she will also work closely with other Operations Managers outside of the Africa region as appropriate, to ensure that the strategy and approach for Africa is consistent with MicroEnsure’s global operations framework and that learning is shared between the operations globally.

The Operations Director will also be responsible for ensuring that high quality operational delivery teams are developed within each of MicroEnsure’s Africa operations offices and that teams have the necessary training, equipment and documentation to perform their roles effectively.

The Operations Director will implement effective monitoring and evaluation of the operational services within Africa, again ensuring that these are aligned with global standards and requirements where necessary.

Operational Strategy Development
Work with Head of Africa, Business Development Manager and Country Managers as appropriate to develop strategies for effective operational delivery of services on a per country or regional basis to best support individual programmes and/or country based operations
Work with Head of Africa, Business Development Manager and Country Managers to identify and implement optimal team structures for delivery of operational services
Develop and implement individual operational strategic plans for each operating country and/or region as appropriate, to be approved by Head of Africa, Business Development Manager and local country manager as appropriate

Operational Improvement
Identify opportunities for improvement of existing operational processes in relation to cost and/or quality of service delivery, including identification of technologies to enhance service delivery
Promote a culture and establish a practice of continuous improvement within operational delivery teams
Provide input to the development and improvement of ARK, CEP and other operational IT systems as appropriate

Business Development
Support business development opportunities through contributions to proposals and presentations regarding operational delivery

Operational Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting

Develop and implement procedures for monitoring the operational effectiveness of the business, including local and regional Key Performance Indicators, as appropriate
Develop and produce operational reports on a per country or regional basis in line with global reporting requirements
Develop processes for identification & management of operational risks and ensure that any significant risks are reported to the appropriate manager/s on a timely basis and managed to a successful outcome

Operational Delivery & Implementation
Support the testing and implementation of ARK, CEP and other operational IT systems as required
Work with operations teams, both locally and globally, to maintain effective, efficient operations to handle processing of business and reporting of results
Ensure that service at all levels, including claims, enrolment and reporting, is of the highest quality, meeting or exceeding all service level requirements
Ensure that all operational processes and procedures are appropriately documented and that procedures are in place to update documentation as required on an ongoing basis
Ensure sufficient partnership documentation for each active business, including but not limited to non-disclosure agreements, service level agreements, policy wordings, and commercial contracts

Operations Team Development

Work with local operations managers to ensure that operational teams are trained to perform their roles effectively
Develop and ensure the maintenance of high quality training materials for operational staff

Development of Global Operational Delivery Capability
Promote sharing of operational improvement ideas, processes and documentation on a global basis as appropriate
Ensure that all relevant operational documentation is shared globally and utilized locally as appropriate

Team Leadership & Development

Provide strong leadership, mentoring and guidance to all Africa region operational teams
Support recruitment of high quality operations teams, including development of appropriate job descriptions and interview questions and support of interview processes as required

Desired Skills and Experience

  • 4 year degree qualification required, MBA preferred
  • At least 10 years’ work experience preferred, with a demonstrated track record of achievement and increasing responsibility
  • Strong operational delivery track record with management experience
  • Appreciation and concern for the plight of low-income Africans
  • Ability to effectively present and sell concepts to senior managers in partner organizations who are often not familiar with insurance
  • Experience in developing and improving operational delivery processes
  • Experience in working with low-income persons in professional or informal settings
  • Knowledge of African financial services sector essential, knowledge of insurance preferred
  • Ability to perform business analysis by utilizing operational, financial and other data
  • Willingness to work as a team member with people across geographies and cultures
  • Strong self-starter able to perform tasks with minimal input
  • Ability to work on the move approximately 50% of time across Africa region
  • Commitment to model and articulate MicroEnsure’s mission, vision and values
  • Ability to fit, appreciate and adapt to the various cultural aspects in Africa, bearing in mind the associated diversity.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English essential
  • Strong knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, including using these tools to present materials orally and in written form

How to Apply

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