Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist Job. Elizabeth Glaser



Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist Job At Elizabeth Glaser, Kenya

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation seeks a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for an anticipated 5-year USAID HIV Service Delivery Support Activity (HSDSA) project in Kenya. The HSDSA will have the goal of increasing access and coverage for HIV prevention, care and treatment services towards achieving the “90-90-90”.
The Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist will work directly with the Deputy Chief of Party to implement data driven activities to monitor, track and report on progress throughout the HIV continuum.

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • The Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist will have responsibility for designing, and implementing M&E and other strategic information (SI) tasks related to HSDSA project activities. The incumbent will also have the responsibility for setting up systems at various levels for tracking of the progress of the program and the achievement of project objectives. The Specialist will set up tools and systems to monitor project activities in the field, and supervise the systematic collection, analysis and reporting of data.
  • The specialist will also take the lead in implementation of PEPFAR data management systems such as Site Improvement through Monitoring systems (SIMS), DATIM, Expenditure Analysis and Sustainability Index Dashboard.  Designing and implementing specific formative and/or operations research studies and assessments and reporting the study results.
  • Guides the project team in planning, designing and implementing the monitoring, evaluation and reporting (MER) plan.
  • Works with the Program management, and staff  in developing appropriate indicators and establishing baselines
  • Provides technical guidance for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating program activities for the accomplishment of project objectives.
  • Sets up internal data quality assurance systems and develop and implement systems to address gaps.
  • Manages all external data quality audits as required.
  • Lead discussion during periodic project reviews and managing SI to assess relative cost of achieving programmatic results
  • Utilizes appropriate data management systems to monitor the 90:90:90 objectives and indications throughout the HIV continuum.
  • Provides assistance to project team in interpreting data on indicators , targets and results
  • Other assignments as related to monitoring and evaluating the quality and performance of program efforts.

Qualifications For Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist Job

  • Minimum Master’s Degree in statistics, demography, or public health required.
  • At least 7 years’ experience in setting up and implementing monitoring and evaluation activities for a major project in HIV/AIDS, RH or MCH in a developing country.
  • Strong knowledge of monitoring and evaluation methodology , data quality assurance , analysis and  reporting
  • High level of competency in managing data information and evaluations of large scale HIV/AIDS activities
  • Strong writing skills and experience with producing technical reports required.
  • Understanding of statistical software and data management required.
  • Familiarity with PEPFAR reporting and indicators


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