Monsanto Job Vacancy : Intern – Breeding


Job Description

Title: Intern – Breeding Kenya

Location: Africa-Kenya-Nairobi

Job Number: 0147H

Main Objectives

Trial Harvesting data collection – Establishing the Harvesting traits. Pre Harvest data collection using plot walker. Operations of mobile thresher and combine harvester. Data verification. Data submission to the breeder.

Trial Plannning. – Site selection and identification of suitable cooperators, Signing of contracts with cooperators, Land preparation, trial mapping, seed packing and arrangement as per field plan, seed arrangement verification.

Trial Planting. 1. Hand planting ;- Trial lay out. Preparation of planting holes. Fertilizer application and seed placement and covering. 2. Machine Planting – Machine transportation. Inspect the planter and tractor. Setting up base station. Load fertilizer. Make an AB line. Load planting Boxes in the planter. Planting operating the planter

Trial management and data collection 1.Trial management- Involves germination assessment, weed control, fertilizer application and insect control. 2. Data collection – Establishing the traits for data collection eg disease identification and rating scale, recording data using hand held computer( Plot walker) Qualifications:

Degree in Breeding

Computer Literate

Communications skills (excellent verbal and written )

Creative and innovative Job: Research & Development

How to Apply

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