Nursing and Medicine Jobs in Kenya


Nursing and Medicine Jobs in Kenya

Reference Number: CON20817

Category: Other

Grade: 7.11

Location: Nairobi

Country: Kenya


JOB PURPOSE: The Health Services Unit based in Nairobi works closely with partners in Oxford and together they have formed the LIFE Project( LIFE is a scenario-based mobile and VR gaming platform that will teach healthcare workers to identify and manage medical emergencies using game-like training techniques to reinforce the key steps that need to be performed in order to save lives. The team is seeking an experienced ETAT+ trainer with an interest in medical education and / or health technologies to support the team in testing its tools. LIFE has been developed by a team of researchers and technologists at the University of Oxford and the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kenya. It has focused initially on neonatal resuscitation as a model scenario and now wishes to undertake user testing of this learning tool in Kenya with trainee health workers. User testing involves convening specific short workshops with people who use and test the tool providing feedback to the tool developers. They may also continue using the tool in their own time and continue to provide feedback in between formal testing sessions. Going forward as the approach to building these training tools becomes better defined additional scenarios drawn from the ETAT+ training Programme will be developed and tested and work may expand to include additional scenarios linked to a wider set of life support courses.

REPORTS TO:  Principal Investigator


With the support of supervisors to:

  • To act as a clinical coordinator for work with undergraduate medical students, pre-service nursing and clinical officer students and early career health workers to test novel mHealth and virtual reality training tools based on ETAT+ materials. The consultant will help plan tool testing sessions, gain consent from participants, deliver these sessions and collect data on user experiences and suggested tool modifications to improve their learning potential
  • To develop and maintain good linkages with health care training facilities and student groups to enable the conduct of tool development / training workshops
  • To work with a wider team based in both Oxford and Kenya to develop ‘storyboards’ that support the design of mHealth and virtual reality training scenarios. These will be directly aligned with ETAT+ training scenarios and draw on the algorithm structure of ETAT+ guidelines (and the whole ABCD sequence etc) and the correct information health workers must learn. Tools will also include common incorrect responses and provide appropriate feedback to participants on the reasons that response are correct / incorrect
  • To work with a wider team based in both Oxford and Kenya to develop ‘storyboards’ that support the design of mHealth and virtual reality training scenarios for other training courses that are not part of ETAT+ and as discussed / agreed with the LIFE project team.
  • To co-supervise and coordinate the data collection procedures, support the analysis of results and oversee the production of feedback reports, help deliver feedback to partnering institutions and participants and represent the LIFE project team at meetings and workshops as required.
  • To work with the Ministry of Health, the National Resuscitation Council of Kenya, universities and medical training colleges and relevant professional associations (including the Kenya Paediatric Association, the Nursing Council of Kenya, the Clinical Officer Council of Kenya) to help develop strategies for recognizing / accrediting the mHealth and virtual reality training tools as formally recognised CPD activities
  • To contribute to development of proposals for future studies / clinical trials of the effectiveness of this form of education in Kenya
  • To support report writing and research publications as far as is possible with the LIFE project team


  • Health care background (paediatrics, medicine, pharmacy, nursing) with at least 5 years of post-graduate experience of working in the Kenyan health sector
  • At least 3 years’ experience as an ETAT+ instructor and newborn life support instructor
  • Some experience / training or role in medical / nursing education
  • Research data collection experience
  • Project management experience
  • Good presentation skills (use of powerpoint or other media) and communication skills
  • Ability to work with limited supervision
  • Ability to meet deadlines


  • Research methods training eg. Epidemiology, clinical trials, qualitative research
  • Trainer for a range of life support courses in addition to ETAT+
  • Prior work with health worker training institutions
  • Prior experience developing eHealth / mHealth tools
  • Interest in medical education and the role of technologies as a learning environment
  • Basic ICT skills


Part-time Consultant (3-4 days per week to be determined)

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