Nutritionist Intern, Cook jobs in Kenya




About 10 years ago,a very health conscious lady was finding it difficult to find an eatery that genuinely offered healthy, affordable food in Nairobi town. There was a history of diabetes in her family line, which made it even more important for her to find healthy nutritious meals that were not cooked with additives or too much salt and sugar. She never found a healthy eatery and that sparked the idea to open a special place that would serve genuinely healthy food that gave immense nutritional value. The principles of organic agriculture suited her the restaurant’s vision. After training on organic farming at the Kenya Institute of Organic Farming (KIOF), she opened Bridges Organic Health Restaurant in 2006. She was confident that an organic food restaurant offering nutritious and affordable meals was the answer for her and many peoples health challenges. The mission of Bridges Organic Health Restaurant was and remains To create awareness on the need to eat organic health food that will eradicate the growing cases of degenerative diseases. Just like our founder, we are very passionate about healthy organic living and love to serve our healthy meals with a smile! Our Guarantee: At Bridges, we have been given the gift of positively influencing the health of people’s lives every day that our doors are open. You can trust that our meals are prepared with fresh, organic produce, fruits and meats, provided to us by certified organic farmers. When we cannot find organic items, we substitute with healthier alternatives, example we serve high fiber brown rice instead of white processed rice. Our suppliers come from Kenya and in the East African Organic community. Meals cooked at Bridges Organic Health Restaurant are cooked with fresh spices and sea salt. We do not use coloring or any preservatives in our meals. This is truly natures best from the farm to your plate. Our Services: Organic Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Meals & Drinks. See Menu Freshly prepare Organic Vegetable and Fruit Juices. See Menu A Special Diet Menu for Diabetics, Hypertension and Immune boosting. See Menu Detoxification Program that allows your body to clean out and rejuvenate its cells. See Details Our very own In-House Nutritionist that gives FREE Consultation Services An Organic Farmers Market every Saturday from 10am-3pm. See Details FREE Health Talks on the Benefits of Eating Healthy Free & Fast WIFI Bridges Organic Health Restaurant has come to embody delicious healthy organic food for an evolving community of people who are dedicated to healthy living. This is trully the destination for anyone who has ever felt the need to eat better and live a healthy, long and happy life. We welcome you to the Organic side of life!

Nutritionist Intern

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationOND   BA/BSc/HND
  • Location Nairobi
  • Job Field Graduate Jobs / Internships

Responsibilities for the Nutritionist Internship

  • The main key roles is to assist the Nutritionist assess the dietary and health needs of clients, develop meal plans for clients and gauge the effects of these meal plans, advice and counsel on food and nutrition in acting as a brand champion for the restaurant.


  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationVocational
  • Location Nairobi
  • Job Field Catering / Confectionery   Hospitality / Hotel / Restaurant

Prepare food for the customers. Helps devise new methods of catering and new menu items.

Requirements for the Cook Job

  • Exemplary integrity and honesty
  • Efficiency and professionalism
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Confidentiality and team work.
  • Transparency and accountability.

Skills Required for the Cook Job

  • Basic computational skills.
  • Organisational and planning skills.
  • Verbal communication.
  • Culinary arts.
  • Kitchen Equipment Knowledge.
  • Interpersonal skills,
  • Analytical skills.


How to Apply

Kindly send your cover letter, CV along with your credentials and ID copy to [email protected] by 23rd May 2017.