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The Training Manager of East Africa role at its heart is to ensure that talented and passionate candidates from each of our communities are made into high-quality trained teachers, passionate and motivated about their work, and prepped and ready to deliver education outcomes for pupils in their classrooms. To accomplish this the Training Manager of East Africa is responsible for all aspects of managing, improving and delivering on Bridge’s 3-week long training programmes that happen approximately 6-9 times per year in each of our East African countries – Kenya and Uganda. Delivery excellence, integrity, quality and systematization are all part of ensuring successful implementation. You will work closely with the global training team who has and will continue to design the training sessions delivered in each country. But as the manager of the training with responsibility for two countries, your responsibilities extend to ensuring that such training sessions and overall structure work well on the ground, providing feedback and working closely with the design team so that there is a continuous improvement cycle to ensure that at the end of the day you deliver world-class, passionate and prepared teachers. You will also lead a team of training facilitators who will execute our 15 day residential training program 3-4 times per term. It is your job to train, mentor, and evaluate the facilitators each step of the way, ensuring that they achieve ambitious outcomes with our teacher trainees.

What you will do

Manage a Team Of Two Officers, 12 Facilitators And 12 Facilitator Assistants Across Two Countries To Achieve The Overall Goal Of Preparing Talented Individuals From Each Community To Be World-class Teachers, Prepared To Succeed In a Bridge International Academies’ Classroom, Passionate And Motivated To Deliver For Each Pupil. In Order To Do So, a Successful Training Manager, East Africa Must

Be a world-class project manager ensuring high quality delivery, continuous improvement and transparency for the execution of frequent 3-week training programs in Kenya and Uganda
Oversee the execution of up to 4 trainings per term in each country to ensure that all training facilitators are prepared and delivering top quality sessions and activities and achieving the desired goals for each of their sessions and training candidates
Work closely with the administration, HR, technology, and other departments to ensure that the training runs operationally smoothly and that all trainee needs are met
Document and address all trainee needs, concerns and issues.

Create GREAT teachers by ensuring that every aspect of induction, onboarding, content delivery, skill development, messaging, and creation of buy-in from all potential candidates are executed with passion and precision. The measure of your success are the learning outcomes delivered by teachers you and your team trained and selected once they are placed in the classroom.

Work with and help improve upon selection and screening tools and processes to ensure that only the best teacher trainees are selected for hire
Work closely with the other global teacher quality teams and in-country operations teams to understand the right teacher profile, hiring needs and implement and continuously improve upon selection process at training to make hiring decisions

Develop and mentor deeply skilled and mission-aligned facilitators
Create a facilitator-training program and materials including videos, manuals, professional development sessions, etc.
Train, coach, and support facilitators as they begin new roles
Observe and appraise facilitators according to the Bridge Training criteria for presentation skills and group management

Engage in thoughtful leadership on how to improve training for those who are at the core of Bridge – our teachers
Constantly look for ways to improve both the delivery of, the content of training sessions, the structure of training, and the overall delivery mechanism to ensure that world-class teachers are placed in our classrooms
Be the leader for East Africa, working with global training teams to provide feedback, insight, leadership to continuously improve the training program
During and after each training session, dive deeply into understanding where the successes and gaps are for trainees and for delivery. Work closely with the Customer Experience team once teachers are placed in the field to understand how successful training was at creating teachers who are successful once they are placed in the classroom.
Work with the content team to continuously improve and adapt our global training content to deliver quality teachers for Kenyan and Ugandan academies
Drive Process and Systems Training Improvement
Evaluate training and create a detailed report at the conclusion of each training
Develop new systems and processes to continually improve quality and efficiency.

What you should have

A Bachelor’s degree
Experience as a thought leader on teacher improvement and a passion for teaching, training, and coaching
A fundamental belief that great teachers are “made” not born
Exceptional organization and project management skills
Strong people management skills with experience managing a large team of professionals
Strong problem-solving skills and ability to manage and execute large-scale projects
Experience with designing and implementing organizational systems
Ability to analyze data and effectively use data to inform decisions
Flexibility and a strong work ethic with an ability to overcome obstacles
Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

How to Apply

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