One Acre Fund Jobs : Business Intelligence Analyst



This is a full-time job with an initial two-year commitment. We are looking for candidates who will build long-term careers with One Acre Fund.


Job Description

Our vision for 2020 is to improve the lives of more than one million farm families by delivering exemplary services to their doorsteps. To achieve this, One Acre Fund must grow in both scale and complexity – and we need additional high performing staff members to continue our strong growth trajectory. Working with our Business Intelligence (BI) team presents the opportunity to build out our data infrastructure and tools to support key organizational leaders in making data-driven decisions.

Data is central to the way One Acre Fund operates and the BI team works specifically to improve the collection, storage, and access of data across the organization. The Business Intelligence Analyst will be an integral part of the team that works with the preeminent source of smallholder farmer data. Your work will have a tremendous impact on the organization’s ability to serve the smallholding farmer by helping it more efficiently work with data.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting our Field Reporting & Analysis Needs
    • Developing actionable field reports for organizational leaders
      • As we grow, we’ve begun to move away from Excel to cope with the data volume required to efficiently report on hundreds of thousands of clients in East Africa.
      • The BI Analyst will write SQL queries and build reports to provide essential metrics to our Field Team along with the occasional Excel solution.
    • Driving cross-country standardization for appropriate tools
      • One Acre Fund is growing up and we need to begin standardizing more of our reporting solutions across the countries in which we operate.
      • The BI Analyst will work with key stakeholders in each country to help drive this process forward by defining key metrics, but also identifying where each country needs to be flexible at creating a custom solution – built by the BI Analyst.
  • Designing live dashboards to support core field activities while maintaining and improving the architecture of our reporting databases
    • Enrollment
      • During our enrollment periods, we’ve enrolled in as many as 200,000 clients within a five-week span.
      • Field Teams need to agilely redeploy resources to ensure the enrollment period goes smoothly – The BI Analyst will ensure they have the data they need to make decisions on the fly.
    • Repayment
      • In Kenya alone, we collect roughly 50,000 repayments per week. By the fourth week of the season, we’ve moved past our ability to efficiently analyze this data in Excel.
      • The BI Analyst would be in charge of developing a number of new repayment dashboards for both the tracking of core metrics and exploratory data analysis.
    • Deliveries
      • Our program requires us to coordinate last mile deliveries to over 1,500 distribution points across East Africa.
      • The BI Analyst would build out additional data tools to track inventory shrink, delivery efficiency, and highlight the accomplishments of our incredible logistics team.
  • Serving as a “data coach” to data admins across the organization
    • Establishing data storage standards for our informal data systems across the organization and implement these standards with departmental data administrators.
    • Mapping One Acre Fund’s informal data systems and evaluate their efficacy.
    • Helping to identify where new software solutions are required to maintain One Acre Fund’s data standards.

How to Apply

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