Operations Manager job in Rwanda


Rwanda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (RSPCA)

Job Description
Job Title: Operations Manager
Reports to: Managing Director, and RSPCA Board of Directors
Salary: 185,000 RWF per month (net), with an additional communication and transport allowance. Health insurance will also be provided. Other benefits will be provided in accordance with the labour law (LAW N° 51/2001 OF 30/12/2001 ESTABLISHING THE LABOUR CODE).
Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Date prepared: September 2015

Main duties:
Management of RSPCA shelter
• Directly line manage approximately 1-2 RSPCA staff members who will be responsible for full-time supervision of dogs at the shelter
• Ensure the RSPCA shelter space is run according to shelter protocols (e.g. monitoring number of dogs, organizing staffing of shelter, ensuring supplies are stocked, etc.)
• Directly oversee the care of all animals housed at the RSPCA shelter, making sure they are healthy, safe and have access to food, water, exercise, shelter and affection
• Ensure all animals are vaccinated against disease and spayed or neutered at the earliest opportunity (according to vaccination and spay/neuter protocols); and that any health problems are addressed quickly
• Ensure the shelter is kept clean and hygienic and is well-maintained
• Ensure visitors are welcomed and have a good experience while at the shelter
• Manage the RSPCA shop, ensuring it is well stocked, and communicating with customers
• Maintain good links with volunteers, RSPCA staff and the wider RSPCA community, including vets and other associated people
• Hold team meetings with relevant staff members and volunteers periodically and as necessary
• Advertise dogs and cats for adoption and fostering through Facebook, email, posters, community events and word of mouth
• Carry out a thorough vetting of potential adopters or fosters according to RSPCA adoption criteria, to ensure RSPCA animals would have a safe and happy life with them
• Oversee adoptions and fosters
• Maintain good links with adopters and fosters and carry out follow ups to ensure animals continue to be happy in their new home
• Communicate successful adoptions on the RSPCA Facebook page and through other channels
• Encourage donations from those who adopt dogs
• Manage the RSPCA website, Facebook page and Twitter account, ensuring they are updated regularly. Respond to email, Facebook or Twitter messages directed to RSPCA in a timely manner
• Respond to any calls made to the RSPCA phone number
• Maintain the RSPCA email, Facebook and Twitter in an organised manner, so other staff and volunteers can also access it when necessary
• Be prepared to act quickly when an emergency case is seen or reported
• Be on call for animal emergencies, offering guidance, support and direct help if necessary
• Oversee the transportation of emergency cases to the RSPCA shelter
• Organise medical treatment for emergency cases, and ensure this is continued as long as necessary
• Be responsible for the overall care of emergency cases
• Maintain contact with RSPCA-partner veterinarians to ensure timely attention is given to emergency health issues.
Community outreach
• Organise and carry out community outreach projects, including community spay and neuter clinics, vaccination clinics, and education days to encourage sensitisation towards animals
• Establish and maintain co-operative relationships with local community stakeholders and leaders.
• Prepare educational materials for community events
• Advertise community projects within the targeted community as well as to relevant stakeholders. Document community events to ensure the full impact is known and can be advertised
• Follow up with animals and communities after community outreach days
Resource development
• Work with volunteers and the Board of Directors to fundraise for the RSPCA
• Help to organise and carry out fundraising events
• Identify funding opportunities and write grant applications
• Identify and approach potential sponsors and donors
• Oversee the functioning of the overall office
• Maintain accurate accounts of income and expenditure, and file all receipts
• Assist in drawing up the organisation’s projected annual budget
• Assist with payroll and human resources issues as necessary
• Maintain RSPCA’s bank account
• Other duties as requested

Monitoring and evaluation and strategic direction
• Ensure that the organisation monitors its work against its plans and evaluates its progress towards the achievement of its broader objectives
• Help to shape the strategic direction of the organisation, with others
• Ensure the Board of RSPCA is kept informed of ongoing or new RSPCA activities and contacted in the event of any emergency.
• Liaise regularly with RSPCA-partner veterinarians and involve them where possible in RSPCA community activities.
• Undertake special projects from time to time as requested.
Desired qualities for this candidate:
• A true and demonstrated love for animals
• Experience of working in, and preferably managing, a shelter
• Excellent English skills
• Highly organised and efficient
• Good computer skills
• Ability to carry out difficult work in challenging circumstances
• Experience of managing animal adoptions and vetting potential homes
• Some knowledge of veterinary medicine
• Good people and communication skills
• Willingness to work unusual hours as necessary
• Ability to react quickly to changing circumstances
• Ability to work with a range of people in a harmonious way
• A positive, can-do attitude
• Perseverance and dedication, including a willingness to oversee long-term cases until a successful end.
To apply: Please send a copy of your CV with cover letter to [email protected]. Short listed applicants will be contacted by email to schedule an interview.