Peace Brigades International Field Volunteer Job in Kenya-August 2015


Job Description

Peace Brigades International

Post Title: Field Volunteer


Nairobi, Kenya

Starting date: At the beginning of spring 2016 for a minimum of twelve months.

Please note that, due to security considerations, it is a PBI policy that no nationals are eligible to apply for in-country positions. We encourage all interested persons with Kenyan nationality to apply to PBI positions in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia and other countries.

Background: Peace Brigades International (PBI) is an international non-governmental organization that has promoted non-violence and protected human rights defenders since 1981.

In response to the needs of human rights defenders, we provide unarmed protective accompaniment and other support on the ground through trained field volunteers and a broad network of international support.

Protective accompaniment deters attacks against human rights defenders by sending a powerful message that the world is watching and prepared to act.

Integral to PBI’s protection strategy are political support networks set up and activated by 12 country groups in North America and South America, Europe, and Australia, who are also responsible for volunteer recruitment, outreach, publicity and fundraising.

PBI is an independent, egalitarian, volunteer-based organization not affiliated to any religious or political institution.Upon request, PBI established a new project in Kenya in 2013 to provide protection and support to human rights defenders (HRDs).

In 2015, a small PBI field team provides support to grassroots HRDs in Nairobi. In January 2016, four field volunteers supported by two in country staff positions will continue this work.

Depending on the strategy of the project, the opening of a field office outside of Nairobi, which implies field volunteers moving there, is possible.

Role of PBI field volunteersPBI’s field volunteers provide protective accompaniment to human rights defenders on the ground.

This is carried out through physical presence, dialogue with state authorities, advocacy with the international community in country and information distribution.

Besides this, volunteers participate in other activities to support local actors as well, including workshops, analysis and strategy development, publications, information-sharing, networking and contact-building.Main Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Working with civil society / human rights organisations

  • Provide international protective presence for accompanied human rights organizations and carry out risk assessments and other activities to strengthen their capacities to cope with the security challenges of human rights work in Kenya.
  • Participate in the selection of and set-up of accompaniment relationships.
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with Kenyan civil society/human rights organizations.
  • At all times work in a non-partisan manner.
  • Collect, monitor and evaluate information to ensure that the objectives and activities of PBI Kenya and its accompanied organizations are being met and that this is reported frequently to relevant staff members/committees in the PBI Kenya Project.

2. Team work

  • Work and live as part of a multicultural team.
  • Actively contribute to the maintenance of proactive communication mechanisms within the team including active participation in team meetings, providing new ideas and input to team decisions and political analysis.
  • Prepare meeting agendas, facilitate team meetings and note decisions.
  • Undertake to work in a non-hierarchical group that makes decisions by consensus.
  • Produce reports as a team as required.
  • Work constructively with the Project Committee (PC) and staff.
  • Collectively define and refine the project’s strategies and protocols based on PBI experience.

3. Advocacy and communications

  • In coordination with all Project members, represent PBI Kenya at networking/advocacy meetings with the diplomatic corps, EU mission and NGOs as well as with Kenyan authorities.
  • Assist with the production and writing of PBI Kenya communication materials for internal and external use.

4. Administration

  • Write reports and minutes and develop resource materials and historical knowledge of field team activities.
  • Undertake day to day office tasks, including responding to emails, telephone enquiries, filing, maintaining and updating of records and databases and financial management.

5. Other duties:

  • Respect non-violence and PBI’s other core principles at all times.
  • Undertake all duties in accordance with PBI policies and procedures, in particular those relating to Harassment and Equal Opportunities.
  • Assume responsibility for the shared household, including shopping, cooking and cleaning.
  • Undertake such other duties as may reasonably be allocated, which may involve providing assistance in any area of the Project as may be required from time to time.

Person Specification:Essential

  • Understand PBI’s work and principles and apply these in practice.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, in English, in speech and writing.
  • Ability to function effectively in a diverse group using consensus.
  • Ability to organise yourself and manage a busy workload.
  • Ability to analyse information and use it to plan action.
  • Competent IT user.
  • Ability to manage stress effectively.
  • Knowledge of Kenya and its political and human rights situation.


  • Ability to design and facilitate training.
  • Ability to speak Kiswahili.
  • What will PBI provide?
  • Pre-deployment training during which the final selection of volunteers will be made.The training will take place in Spain around end of October / beginning of November and will last between 5 to 7 days. It is expected that participants fund their travel to the training. In exceptional cases, the project can financially support the costs.
  • Travel to and from Kenya.
  • Health insurance.
  • Modest monthly stipend (around 300 EUR) and work-related expenses.
  • Modest repatriation at end of volunteer service.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are requested to send their CV, a brief personal statement as well as two reference letters to Sergi Bach [email protected]

Closing date for applications: 17th of September 2015.The personal statement should explain how you meet the essential and desirable criteria listed in the person specification, providing clear examples that demonstrate each point. You should write no more than 1500 words in total. Applicants who do not provide this information will not be considered. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by Skype starting 16th September. Please note that we are unable to respond to applicants who have not been shortlisted. PBI values diversity and has a strong commitment to equality of opportunity. All applicants will be treated on equal terms, without discrimination on any grounds, and especially for reasons of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical disability.

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