Plumber Job in Rural Nyanza



Our client is an organisation operating in rural Nyanza. Due to the rural set-up and challenges associated therewith, all applicants should have a personal commitment to community development.

Applicants should take time to reflect and make sure they resonate strongly with Our Client’s vision and mission before considering to apply.

Vision: People believe in themselves and work together to build a vibrant and progressive community.

Mission: Empower people and build their capacities to create positive change for children and youth within their community.

Purpose of the Positions: Train students in Plumbing and assist in organizations and community’s plumbing needs.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

R1. Training

  • T.1 Develop Schemes of work, lesson plans and records as per plumbing curriculum.
  • T.2 Offer theoretical and practical instructions to students in plumbing.
  • T.3 Provide counseling to the students, address their disciplinary issues and assist in Conflict Resolution among them.
  • T.4 Prepare the students for their final examination and facilitate internal examinations.
  • T.5 Accompany the class to the examination center whenever called to.
  • T.6 Assist in finding suitable Industrial attachments positions for the students and participate in attachment assessment activities.
  • T.7 Ensure all qualified students are registered for the exams.
  • T.8 Ensure that the organizations values and principles are communicated to the students and their caregivers and that students participate in all relevant organizations activities.
  • T.9 Actively participate in co-curricular activities with the students
R2. Plumbing work
  • T.1 Undertake plumbing work within the organization as per organizations plumbing needs.
  • T.2 Supervise water projects undertaken by the organization in the community
  • T.3 Take active part in the maintenance of water lines for water projects undertaken by the organization in the community
R3. Economic Mentoring to Students
  • T.1 Train and mentor students to be able to provide quality service to clients satisfaction.
  • T.2 Facilitate students to meet set deadlines and relevant targets.
  • T.3 Train the students on how to deal with possible clients so as to enable them have competitive advantage.
  • T.4 Train the students on how to determine prices of their services to enable them engage in profitable ventures.
  • T.5 Train the students on the possible ways of marketing their skills & services.
R4. Maintenance of Equipment
  • T.1 Implementation of RWMT policies that are geared towards ensuring better security of inputs & Assets.
  • T.2 Regular maintenance of training equipment’s and assets
  • T.3 Requesting inputs from the inventory (and procurement) and allocating the same to students for use or for water projects undertaken by the organization in the community.
  • T.4 Reporting any damage caused and repairs needed in class and respective equipment.
  • T.5 Locking and opening the class (workshop) in the morning and evening.
  • T.6 Providing recommendations that can improve security of the class and the equipment’s.
R5. Internal Administration
  • T.1 Provide quality and timely delivery of reports in their agreed format and deadlines to facilitate follow-ups and improvements.
  • T.2 Maintain follow-up system to ensure efficient processes.
  • T.3 Actively maintain the internal referral system to ensure beneficiaries are provided with maximum support from the organization’s various expertise.
  • T.4 Come up with products for the organizations use whenever called to.
R6 Other Duties and Responsibilities
  • T.1 Actively participate in the Saturday Psycho-Social Support, for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and build the community’s capacity to eventually run the Saturday PSS on their own.
  • T.2 Perform any other duties and responsibilities which may be assigned by the management from time to time and which are related to the achievement of RWMT’s mission and vision.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

a) Level of education: At least a diploma in the area of plumbing with considerable amount of hands on experience in plumbing work.

b) Other Competencies:

  • Must possess good facilitation/training skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills with ability to build harmonious relationships with students, colleagues and community members.

How to Apply

  • Interested candidates are requested to email:
  • (1) cover letter stating the position for which you are applying, along with current remuneration or last remuneration if currently not employed,
  • (2) three paragraph motivation statement and why you feel you meet the requirements,
  • (3) three references and
  • (4) C.V.
  • to: [email protected], by 28th July, 2016.Important: All four (4) above mentioned steps must be followed.
  • Applications not following all steps will be automatically disqualified.