Program Associate – Kenya


Early-career professionals with 2 – 5+ years work experience to serve in a position that combines both field and management experience in Africa.

Job Location:Rural Kenya

Duration:Minimum 2 years commitment, full-time job.

Job Description
One Acre Fund began in Kenya and Kenya is now one of our largest and fastest-growing countries of operation. Our vision for 2030 is to end hunger in Kenya and provide a pathway to prosperity for every farm family in the nation. One Acre Fund Kenya is transitioning from a start-up to a mature operation – and we need additional high performing staff members to continue our strong growth trajectory. Working with our Kenya team presents the opportunity to build upon our strong operational foundations and explore new ways to impact our well-established network of hundreds of thousands of farm families.
Program Associates in Kenya join one of the following teams:
• Field Operations: The main objective of our Field Operations team is to build the capacity of our local staff to provide financially sustainable impact, at scale, to all farmers in Kenya. This team is the direct service provider to our farmers. Field Operations is responsible for setting strategy, developing content, liaising with other departments, and ensuring execution of our program at scale. Every material or strategy rolled out through the core program will reach hundreds of thousands of farmers! Example projects include:
o Operations Management: Most Program Associates start out partnering with a Senior Field Director to support ongoing operations/district performance management and mentor the field leadership in that region. Eventually, Field Operations team members take-on more central management responsibilities, which could include managing our core calendar, managing communication flow from the operations team to the field, and/or facilitating key meetings with other departments.
o Scale Improvements: All Program Associates will be expected to manage anywhere from 1 to 3 scale improvement projects that set our core program content and aim to improve the way that we operate at scale. This involves managing a project plan/calendar, making strategy recommendations, developing content, and ensuring execution. An example of a scale improvement project would be leading the scale-up of major program change like mobile repayment where farmers can repay their loan using mobile money.

• Field Finance: We’re looking for someone who will serve as the bridge between the Kenya Field Operations team and our Finance department. The person in this role will undergo the following tasks and responsibilities:
o Annual budget and forecasting: This Program Associate will work with the Expense Finance and Analysis teams to complete our annual budget, quarterly reforecasting, and monthly BVAs.
o Consulting for Field Operations: They will also serve in a consulting role to other members of the Field Operations team as we seek to improve our program’s sustainability. This person will conduct analyses to assist in determining the true cost and ROI of major field activities, and will provide data to other staff members in the program to inform strategic decision-making.
o Long-term program decision-making: In the long term, this person will be responsible for helping to build a consistent framework for program decision making that can be used to make smarter decisions regarding marketing, expansion, input delivery, and other major activities.

• Scale Innovations: The Scale Innovations team aims to deepen One Acre Fund’s impact on every community we serve by increasing the percent of households who join our program, and by developing innovations that help our field staff serve farmers better. Our trials include innovations around marketing, mobile technologies, farmer cash constraints, and more. We develop trial interventions using a combination of data analysis and human centered design methods, and test them using field pilots, surveys, and close engagement with farmers. Recent projects include piloting new strategies for marketing to our farmers, testing new forms of repayment incentives, and integrating tablets into our field program.
o The typical steps in a trial include:
 Understand the problem and develop trial concept: Meet with field leaders, gather information using surveys, analyze existing KPIs, observe operations in the field, talk to farmers, literature reviews, etc. Identify and prioritize ideas to improve the program.
 Plan the trial: Design a quantitatively rigorous trial. Plan a project calendar and create field tools and talking points. Design integration with tech and finance systems and set up incentive systems that promote success.
 Run the trial: Supervise trial roll-out, usually done by Field Officers. Visit the trial in the field to observe execution and propose mid-trial changes where appropriate.
 Collect/analyze data: Usually involves both quantitative and qualitative components.
 Communicate results: Create reports, present findings, meet with key stakeholders to determine how findings should be implemented in our core program, or if trial should be scaled up/rerun/canceled.

• Operations: The objective of our Operations departments is to ensure that we are able to deliver on all of our promises to our clients. Operations departments are the mission critical systems, process and support-departments that run finance, client data management, logistics, print, procurement and investigations.
o Supporting Ongoing Operations & Planning for Scale: Each Program Associate will be responsible for creating and improving our existing processes in order to prepare our program for scale. Program Associates on the Operations team need to liaise and collaborate with many different departments in order to plan and execute operations.
o Operations Innovations: In addition to planning and executing ongoing work, you will be assigned an area of operations in which we would like to innovate. For example, one Program Associate successfully developed outgoing SMS capabilities for One Acre Fund to communicate to clients.
o Mentorship & Development of Staff: Manage and mentor 1-2 staff; in addition to assisting with innovations trials, staff will develop into independent innovators capable of leading their own projects.

Career Growth and Development
One Acre Fund invests heavily in building management and leadership skills. Your manager will invest significant time in your career development. We provide constant, actionable feedback delivered through mentorship and through regular management consulting-style career reviews. We also have regular one-on-one meetings, where we listen to and discuss career goals, and work collaboratively to craft roles that each person can be passionate about. Because of our rapid growth, we constantly have new roles opening up and opportunities to grow in many functions. This results in relatively fast career growth for our staff.

We are seeking exceptional professionals with 2 to 5+ years of work experience, and a demonstrated long-term passion for international development. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

• Strong work experiences. Examples include a demanding professional work experience, or successful entrepreneurial experience (e.g. starting a field program in a developing country, leading a conference, starting a business, solid Peace Corps accomplishments).
• Leadership experience at work, or outside of work.
• Top-performing undergraduate background (include GPA and test scores on your resume).
• Humility. We are looking for passionate professionals who combine strong leadership skills with good humor, patience, and a humble approach to service to join our growing family of leaders.
• A willingness to commit to living in rural areas of East Africa for at least two years – this is a long-term, career-track role. The ideal candidate will have at least one year demonstrated experience working in the developing world, although this is not a strict requirement.
• Ability to cook / laugh – desirable.
• Language: English required in Kenya. Swahili-speakers are particularly encouraged to apply.

Preferred Start Date:Flexible

Starts modest. However, this is a career-track role with fast raises for performance, paying a meaningful salary for long-term placement in developing nations.

Health insurance, immunizations, flight, room and board.

Sponsor International Candidates Yes
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