Programme Statistician Jobs at Kemri Kenya


Reference Number: PROGSTATS
Category: Statistics and Data Management
Grade: Salary commensurate with qualification, experience and competence
Location: Kilifi
Country: Kenya
JOB PURPOSE: This post is required to provide statistical support and oversee data curation for a diverse and large programme including laboratory, epidemiological, clinical trial, health systems and social science research.
REPORTS TO:Executive Director.

DIRECTLY SUPERVISES: Masters and BSc Statisticians
Data managers.
• Providing statistical support in the form of advice to researchers regarding protocol development, analysis plans and issues encountered during analysis.
• Developing policy on database and data entry platforms for use in the programme.
• Supporting decision taking in the Data Governance Committee
• Working closely with ICT on the implementation of data management systems
• Taking responsibility for the training and capacity development in statistics in the programme.
• Providing consultative statistical support for PhD students
• Joint line management of up to 3 Statisticians working on specific projects and sole line management of 1 or 2 data managers/ statisticians.
• Setting goals and objectives, establishing work plans and conducting performance reviews for statisticians and data managers
• Developing and implementing a strategy for data curation in the programme.
• Working with PIs to support specific statistical analyses
• Membership of the Centre Scientific Committee
• Supporting collaborations to deliver statistical training in partnering Universities
• PhD in statistics or epidemiology or a related field
• Masters in statistics or epidemiology or a related field
• Experience in statistical analysis of major projects with published outputs
• Experience in data management
• Evidence of aptitude in teaching
• Ability to network, build and maintain strong relationships across departments
• Willingness to respond within tight timelines and to cope with changing assignments
• Post-Doctoral experience in statistics
• Training and/or experience in teaching
• Familiarity with biomedical science and research
• Skills in Mathematical Modelling
• Knowledge of statistical theory and practice
• Ability in Data Management.
• Communication skills and writing skills.
• Managerial skills
• Willingness to respond within tight timelines and to cope with changing assignments.
• Organizational skills
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