Project Coordinator Job in Kenya


Project Coordinator Job in Kenya

Reference Number: PRCOOD1682017

Category: Clinical Healthcare and Research

Grade: 6.01

Location: Kilifi

Country: Kenya


JOB PURPOSE:The main purpose of the job is to manage the collaborative studies between the Kenyan Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)-Wellcome Trust Programme and Stanley Centre at the Broad Institute, Boston, USA. The data and sample collection is involving several hospitals on the Kenyan coast, and some other institutes in other countries in Africa. In particular, the Project Coordinator will work in consultation with the PIs for NeuroGAP, NeuroDEV and SEEDS-EpiGEN to ensure that all logistics are performed in good time, to supervise data and sample collection, and to participate in communications and engagement strategy.


The principal investigators


Overseeing project operational costs across the four participating hospitals or sites.

Monitoring of the logistics for running the studies.



We are working in international collaboration which is collecting data and samples for genetic studies of neuropsychiatric disorders. The job will involve coordination of data and sample collection across the participating hospitals, management of both internal and external communications with our collaborators, ensuring availability of logistics e.g. use of fully translated assessment tools (Kiswahili) and genotyping kits, identifying and engaging key stakeholders particularly heads of participating hospitals, and providing sites with mentorship and guidance in communication.

The post holder will be able to work unsupervised, but will be expected to constantly consult with the principal investigators. The post is both mentally and technically demanding, involving a high level of understanding of the nature of mental health problems, and communication and coordination of NeuroGAP, NeuroDEV and SEEDS-EpiGEN participating hospitals.



  • Act as the liaison in communications between the principal investigators and international collaborators or participating sites/hospitals
  • Preparation of logistics for the studies including receiving and safe storage of genotyping kits, and coordination of training of members of staff involved in NeuroGAP, NeuroDEV and SEEDS-EpiGEN
  • Ensure appropriate collection, storage and transport of genetic samples to the USA.
  • Help with supervision and coordination of members of staff in the NeuroGAP, NeuroDEV and SEEDS-EpiGEN , particularly the field workers
  • Arranging for site visits or on-site trainings by our collaborators as well as team building activities of members of staff
  • Help with safe record keeping of NeuroGAP, NeuroDEV and SEEDS-EpiGEN  documents including processing materials for any emerging protocol amendments
  • Monitoring data collection progress and making recommendations to the Principal Investigators.
  • Identify stakeholders and determine strategic engagement strategies with the communities and county and hospital administrators
  • Provide internal communications leadership and best practice across the NeuroGAP, NeuroDEV and SEEDS-EpiGEN teams while assisting with the related projects when called to do so.
  • Provide professional support in the preparation of the NeuroGAP, NeuroDEV and SEEDS-EpiGEN communication including reviewing, editing and providing rigorous feedback on drafts of papers and reports to ensure high standards.


  • A Degree from an accredited institution in the field of Medical or Nursing sciences, administration, Project management, Communications
  • A minimum of 3 years’ relevant experience conducting research, managing communications and project management of research studies.


  • Excellent hands-on communications skills with local and international collaborators
  • Demonstrable experience of coordination of studies involving research studies and hospitals
  • Understanding and exposure to Good Laboratory Practice
  • Possess excellent writing skills that can be utilised to prepare reports or scientific materials when asked to do so
  • Possess excellent organisation skills for overseeing training of staff, safe record keeping and operational costs of the project
  • Able to work flexibly and productively with colleagues, researchers, external delivery partners and multiple stakeholders


  • Have a basic understanding of data analysis, that is useful in tracking study progress and for graphical presentation of the same
  • Excellent interpersonal and engagement skills


  • Based at the KEMRI/Wellcome Trust office in Kilifi.
  • Occasional travel to visit sites/hospitals or training.

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