Research Internship at IBM Kenya

Are you looking for an adventure? Come work with us in Africa. Where else can you work on evolving cognitive solutions for a smarter planet in healthcare, financial inclusion, blockchain, government, water, agriculture, and education, during the week and then go on Safari on the weekend?

We’re looking for PhD level graduate students with strong programming skills and experience in areas such as data mining, optimization, machine learning, computer vision and deep analytics. Our research focuses on furthering the state of art in these areas from a scientific point of view as well as applying them to solve the real-world problems encountered by IBM’s customers and the larger ecosystem. The challenges faced by telcos, schools, small farm investors, banks, utilities, governments, and donor agencies motivate our work. Undoubtedly, these challenges are complex and hard enough for the state of the art in industry tools, systems, and platforms. Therefore, the projects you will work on will involve developing new approaches, techniques, and tools to tackle the problem at hand by working with world-class scientists. It is expected that work in these areas will lead to high quality research. However, the ultimate goal is to solve the real-world problems faced by the local context in Africa, and to scale for replication around the world.

IBM’s Smarter Planet journey began more than four years ago and took on added significance when the IBM Research – Africa Lab was announced in Nairobi, Kenya. It is the 12th IBM Research lab and our first lab dedicated to a whole continent. The lab is located on the campus of the Catholic University in the Karen-Langata area in Nairobi. Our goal is to maintain IBM’s world-class research culture while evolving commercially viable innovations that impact people’s lives.

Join us for summer 2017. To begin the process, please send your cover letter and CV. We will begin reaching out to qualified candidates immediately.

How to Apply

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