Research Officer Job in Kenya,Salary over Ksh140,000



Reference Number: RO-SME-30417

Category: Other

Grade: 7.01

Location: NAIROBI

Country: Kenya


JOB PURPOSE:The Health Services Unit based in Nairobi is working with a number of hospitals in counties in Kenya to help develop improved information on the causes, characteristics and outcomes of paediatric admissions. An opportunity exists to develop a focused set of work on the clinical presentation to hospital of children with severe malaria. It has previously been reported that the clinical features of severe malaria (in particular severe anaemia and cerebral malaria) vary in proportion in association with differences in malaria transmission. Children in high prevalence areas are admitted at a younger age and more often with anaemia than when malaria transmission is lower. The purpose of this new position is to explore this association in the current era when use of bednets is high and access to effective antimalarial therapy is much improved. The post-holder will work with post-doctoral scientists leading work on improving hospital information and in collaboration with the Population Health Unit in Nairobi. who have for many years undertaken important work on the epidemiology of childhood malaria in Kenya and Africa more widely. Specifically the post-holder will be expected to analyse existing datasets to determine the patterns of clinical characteristics of children admitted to hospital with malaria in multiple settings. They will need to review literature on the clinical presentation of severe malaria, on the biological hypotheses suggesting how age and transmission influence clinical presentation and develop a clear understanding of ‘clinical phenotypes’. They will need to develop a conceptual approach to incorporating analyses of clinical presentations that are based on clinical features alone and those that include laboratory parameters where these are available.


With the support of supervisors to:

  • Collate and review literature on severe malaria clinical presentation and the pathophysiology of severe malaria and its relationship with transmission intensity
  • Develop a clear understanding of the data that are available to support future analysis
  • Develop a conceptual framework based on the literature reviews and understanding of data that will guide epidemiological analyses of the patterns of presentation of severe malaria
  • Develop analyses using the R statistical platform that describes the pattern of severe malaria phenotypes on admission to hospitals in Kenya
  • Utilising statistical tools as appropriate to improve these analyses (such as multiple imputation for missing data)
  • Developing exploratory work on the association between different malaria phenotypes and malaria transmission intensity
  • Preparing reports for publication
  • Contributing to seminars and journal clubs and the wider scientific activities of the programme


  • MSc in Epidemiology / Public Health
  • Undergraduate degree in Pharmacy, medicine or other health related discipline
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience
  • Research experience preferably in health research
  • Competence in use of R or STATA to undertake statistical analyses
  • Familiarity with developing analysis plans
  • Data management skills – ideally experience with large databases including understanding of data dictionaries
  • Skills in literature review
  • Excellent scientific writing skills
  • Good presentation skills (use of PowerPoint or other media) and communication skills
  • Ability to work with limited supervision
  • Ability to meet deadlines

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