RTI International Jobs Monitoring & Evaluation 2017




Position Summary

RTI International is currently accepting applications for a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Specialist for an anticipated USAID-funded Regional Intergovernmental Organizational (RIGO) Strengthening System project.

The MEL Specialist will be responsible for developing the project’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan and collecting qualitative and quantitative data on key performance indicators that will detail RTI’s success in boosting the institutional capacity of RIGOs throughout the region.

The MEL Specialist will play an important role in regularly analyzing data and advising the project team on adaptations that may be needed as a result.

Monitoring & Evaluation Job Responsibilities

  • Develop a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan that helps the project team to understand outputs, outcomes, and impact of institutional capacity strengthening activities for RIGOs. The MEL plan must measure the efficiency of each intervention with each RIGO in its component parts, and the effectiveness of USAID’s investment including the main inputs and outputs, milestones, and deliverables.
  • Develop and implement quantitative and qualitative tools that will help the team to measure its progress against indicators over time, synthesize data trends, and learn which interventions may produce the greatest results.
  • Routinely inform the team of findings in order to influence project decisions and support the most effective interventions.
  • Track and analyze changes in institutional culture, behaviors, and practices.
  • Work with the project staff to verify data, collect and review supporting documentation, and enter data into an online database system.
  • Provide technical assistance to RIGOs on M&E, helping to build their capacity in this area so that they can better collect, analyze, and share data and better evaluate their effectiveness in reaching member states.
  • Contribute to data reporting in quarterly and annual reports.
  • Oversee quality control over data and coordinate any Data Quality Assessments.
  • Support management of activities and partners by identifying and communicating opportunities and obstacles in achieving performance results.
  • Contribute to stakeholder engagement and communication of data, focusing on peer learning and knowledge exchange.

Qualifications for the Monitoring & Evaluation Job

  • A Master’s degree with at least 9 years of experience, with at least 4 years in the field of monitoring and evaluation.
  • Successful experience in collecting, verifying, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data in a clear format that will help to guide decision-making.
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative data analysis skills and ability to visualize and report data in a clear and compelling way.
  • Experience in conducting focus groups, surveys, and assessments in order to collect data and evaluate results.
  • Experience working on projects funded by USAID or other bilateral donor-funded projects.
  • At least three years of work experience in East Africa.
  • Exemplary writing, verbal communication, presentation, and facilitation skills.
  • Excellent collaboration, cross-cultural, and consensus-building skills.
  • Demonstrated experience in working with senior or high-level stakeholders and sensitivity in navigating complex relationships.
  • Experience in working with other institutions to build their capacity in M&E.
  • Experience in utilizing databases.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Familiarity with USAID’s Collaboration, Learning and Adaptation Approach is highly desired.
  • Experience in working with RIGOs is a plus.
  • Experience in implementing USAID’s Organizational Performance Index (OPI) measurement tool, or an equivalent, is highly desired.
  • Knowledge of statistical software such as SPSS, SAS or STATA is a plus.


How to Apply

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