Senior Data Manager job at KEMRI


Reference Number: SDM291015
Category: Statistics and Data Management
Grade: 7.01
Location: Nairobi
Country: Kenya
JOB PURPOSE:The main purpose of the job is to be responsible for setting up systems, data capture, data quality, data storage and data analysis for an international network.

REPORTS TO: The Project manager and the PI
Responsibility for ICT hardware and software to support data collection and planning for updates
We are establishing an international network with a headquarters in Nairobi to conduct harmonised research to improve outcomes in sick undernourished children in Africa and Asia (The CHAIN Network). The job will involve use of databases and other data collection applications in multiple sites, online data entry, data verification and feedback reports.
The post holder will have a high level of responsibility for setting up systems, training, ensuring data quality, data storage and security, and thus the integrity of the results. The post holder will have be able to work unsupervised, often with a variable timescale. The post mentally demanding, involving a high level of communication as well as technical ability.
• Developing a robust database system, tools for collecting, entering, editing, cleaning, storing, validation, archiving, retrieving, organizing, and transferring of data
• Carrying out data review, validation and report generation
• Preparing, updating and documenting systems requirements; overseeing design of data capturing systems, development and implementation of SOPs for data recording and entry, and case report forms
• Train & mentor data entry teams at sites in Kenya and other countries
• Conducting recurrent information queries, cleaning, backups and archiving and reporting results generated by the network and by individual study sites according to the project specification and in-line with data governance protocols
• Implementing and enforcing regular data security activities such as storage, backups, archiving and user administration and resolving queries that arise
• Develop and update web applications
• Ensure compliance with programme ICT policies on data storage, description, security etc
• Other duties that may be assigned from time to time.
• Degree or Master’s Degree in Data/Information Management, Computer Science, Statistics or similar from a recognised institution
• At least three years’ experience as a Data Manager in a similar position in a research or health institution.
• Demonstrable skills in systems analysis, data management, database design and structures
• Excellent computing skills using Open Source software, including LINUX, MySQL, REDCap and R
• Experience in managing multisite, distributed data collection and integration, including developing system documentation
• Ability to handle large databases and troubleshoot issues involving complex data integration
• Have high energy, clear goal orientation and strong work ethics
• Demonstrable experience in medical research data management
• Demonstrable experience with report writing
• Well-developed troubleshooting capacity and clarity of thought
• Expert knowledge of maintaining and debugging live software systems
• Experience of writing and editing program documentation
• Experience with PHP, Java or Python
• Based at the KEMRI/Wellcome Trust office in Nairobi.
• National and international travel to visit trial sites for setting up, training and trouble shooting.
• Be available to work flexibly, out of hours if necessary.
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