Senior Legal Associate job at Britam


Job Purpose
This role works with the legal management team in the provision of legal advisory services and ensuring effective management of legal and contractual risks

Main Responsibilities of the Job
• Provide legal counsel and advice
• Reviewing progress of outstanding litigation and liaising with and managing external lawyers.
• Reviewing ongoing cases and advising management accordingly.
• Liaising with relevant departments to ensure that where legal risks have been identified, appropriate courses of action have been taken
• Providing and interpreting legal information, conducting training and disseminating appropriate legal requirements to staff
• Reviewing all contracts or any other documentation where the Group has committed itself and assessing legal implications that need to be brought to the senior management’s attention
• Preparing, reviewing and modifying contractual instruments to assist and support various business activities
• Conduct legal research and investigation, develop oral and written advice and present recommendations to management.
• Monitor the fees of counsel and other external advisors and make recommendations to management as appropriate
• Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time

Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills
• Minimum level of academic qualification, skills and knowledge required to perform effectively in the role
• Bachelor of Laws Degree
• Diploma School of Law (Diploma KSL)
• Minimum level of personal and professional experience required to perform effectively in the role
• At least four 4- 6 years’ experience in Law in a busy organisation

Working Relationships
Internal Relationships:
The Senior Legal Associate will be;
Accountable to the Assistant Legal Manager
Work with all the departments.

External Relationships:
Legal Bodies

Key Performance Indicators

Compliance with all regulation and legislation
Turnaround time
Functional/Technical Skills
Knowledge of legal concepts
Report writing-ability to develop reports
High moral and ethical standing
Highly motivated

Core Competencies
• Communication skills
• Building Relationships
• Focuses on the Customers
• Develops Self
• Solves Problems

Closing Date:
Friday, September 4, 2015
Key Skills/Specialization:
• Bachelor of Laws Degree and a Diploma School of Law (Diploma KSL)

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